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How do you change your Google password?

One of the integral components of any online service’s security is the password. It’s what identifies you, and allows you access to your account. Because of the dearth of other ways to identify you, the password is often seen as a weak link and the main thing many hackers go after. To prevent security breaches, it’s a good idea to... Read More

iPhone and email attachments simplified

The modern smartphone user has well over 700,000 apps to choose from. One of the most important types of apps is email. If you are an iPhone user, you may be using Apple’s Mail, which comes installed on the phone. While it is a solid app, there is one function that causes some confusion – email attachments. Below is a... Read More

Eliminate These 5 Worries with Hosted ERP

Running a business is hard enough without having to worry about technology issues that could impact profits and customer service. When you move your business management systems, including ERP, out of the server closet and into secure data centers managed by professionals, you simplify life. Hosted ERP simplifies business Hosting is the service provided by ERP resellers and cloud providers... Read More

iPad tip: Use keyboard shortcuts

Using a tablet in the office or for business can help you be more productive or at the very least can make your job easier. One of the most popular tablets is the iPad, with many owners swearing that it has made them more productive. One common gripe however is that the keyboard isn’t the best for efficiency. There are... Read More

KPIs for businesses defined

The amount of data available to businesses is growing at such an exponential rate that many are simply overwhelmed. Most of this data can be utilized in some way, be it to help make decisions or even judge the overall success of operations. One of the major ways to measure success is through the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).... Read More

Google+: Create engaging posts

Engage your readers Experience is revolved around your posts Social media platforms have become an important part to any company’s marketing initiatives. One integral component of any platform is the post. It’s really what the experience revolves around. In order to have a successful profile, you need to create posts that are engaging, and if you use Google+, there is... Read More

Outline your next presentation in Word

Presentations are an integral part of almost any role in business. While the information conveyed in these presentations varies, every presentation follows a general structure. This structure, or outline, can be time consuming to layout in Microsoft’s PowerPoint. Did you know that there’s an easier way to create these outlines using Microsoft Word? Here’s how to use Word to create... Read More

Still using Office 2003? Time to upgrade

Change is inevitable. In some industries it happens slowly, while in others it happens at a blazing speed. The tech industry is one that never sits still; there is always something bigger, better, faster and newer being released. The problem many businesses have with this is that the changes are unaffordable, so they stay with the same software or systems... Read More

Who wants to learn about tethering?

As technology continues to invade every aspect of our lives, the number of devices we own keeps increasing. Having both a tablet and a smartphone is not uncommon for many business owners today. If you have an Android tablet, you likely can’t connect to a mobile network, but did you know that there is a way you can get your... Read More

Microsoft Animation Trigger

Trigger Animation On Click of an Object in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 In Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, you can set an animation to trigger when you click on an object. This is a simple way to add and control interactivity to your presentation. To add an animation trigger, select an object that already has animation applied to it. On the “Animations” tab,... Read More

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