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10 VoIP terms defined

For many people, technology is incredibly complex and confusing and often regarded as the domain of highly specialized experts. Sure, the vast majority of us know how to use a fair amount technology, but when it comes to understanding technology terms there are often blank stares. This is certainly true with regard to VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which has... Read More

Maintain Control of Risk with ERP

As your company grows, so do the risks of doing business. More employees mean that you can’t watch over every transaction.  New markets and expanded product lines mean additional regulations and compliance requirements. To maintain control of the risks that naturally follow growth, you need the audit trails and formal business processes that an ERP system can deliver.    ... Read More

5 tips to make your desk comfortable

There are many measures you can take to become more productive, from using the latest technology to minor changes that make tasks easier and therefore quicker. One area many managers and business owners don’t look into is making their office or workspace more comfortable. An ergonomic desk can go a long way in reducing work related injuries, while making you... Read More

Data collection and the NSA

China is commonly thought to be the opposite of the US, but for one city: Hong Kong. Hong Kong is arguably one of the freest societies on Earth, and has recently been the refuge of one of America’s biggest whistleblowers. In early June, Edward Snowden, an ex NSA (National Security Agency) consultant exposed data collection methods, causing massive uproar and... Read More

iPhone warranty and common faults

Cell phones are among the most useful devices for anyone in business. One downside of phones, and indeed all technology, is that there are sometimes issues along the way and eventually your device will inevitably break. In an effort to solve this, or at least prevent you having to pay full price for a new device if something goes wrong,... Read More

5 ways to manage your reputation online

One of the common goals businesses have in regards to marketing is ensuring that their reputations are managed properly. Many business owners make sure that their corporate reputation is as it should be, but often forget to look at their own reputation. However, this can be important, especially if your name is associated with the business. Do you think your... Read More

Facebook tip: The best time to post

One of the main goals businesses with Facebook Pages have is to enhance and market their brand. The main way this is done is by creating content that your target audience understand, relate to and can interact with. Many companies find this easier said than done however, and certainly, posting at the wrong time may cause your followers to miss... Read More

5 better search tips

While Google is probably the Internet’s biggest company, with numerous services, users tend to stick with Google’s primary service – Google Search – as their main point of contact. It’s safe to say that almost every Internet user is familiar with Search and can usually find what they are looking for. But, did you know that there are things you... Read More

7 popular virtualization terms

When it comes to technology, there are many things you and your business can do to help get the most out of what you have. One option at your disposal is to virtualize – move your physical systems to a virtual one. Virtualization has become a popular way for small businesses to do more with less. The problem is, it... Read More

Here comes iOS 7

Each year, in early June, Apple has taken to hosting their annual developer’s conference – WWDC – which focuses on everything Apple. It is usually at these events that new versions of their popular mobile operating system – iOS – are introduced. This year’s announcement introduced a new version of the iOS, as expected, but this latest offering will be... Read More

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