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Tackling meaningful use Stage 2

Tackling Stage 2 Some health-care organizations do not grasp the magnitude of the changes demanded by Stage 2 meaningful use, according to a panel convened at The Institute for Health Technology Transformation’s Denver Health IT Summit earlier this summer. In Stage 1 meaningful use, health-care providers had to demonstrate their ability to perform core tasks, which include data exchange, security,... Read More

Understanding the value of ICD-10

Understanding the Full Value of ICD-10 ICD-10 are a set of new medical diagnostic codes that will be used beginning October 1, 2014, but a new study shows that many health-care providers still don’t understand the value of these codes. The study, conducted by eHealth Initiative and the American Health Information Management Association, shows that many health-care providers are focusing... Read More

gloStream to Improve Revenue

Improve your revenue cycle management with gloStream A new study shows that many health-care providers still don’t understand the value of ICD-10, which is understandable: Maintaining control over the entire revenue cycle and ensuring you are paid for the important work that you do is a significant challenge, and with ICD-10 regulations, it’s only going to get harder. gloStream can... Read More

Are Gantt charts useful?

Projects – work processes with a start and end date that are usually different from normal day-to-day tasks – are a part of every business. They can range from simple one day tasks to incredibly complex year long commitments. Regardless of the type of project, the key to success is being able to stay on top of what needs to... Read More

Locate cells with Android Device Manager

Imagine that you are coming home from the office after a long day and stop at the gas station. You pat your pockets to find your phone, only to notice that it’s not there. You’ve lost it. If this was an Android device, one would think that it will be hard to trace or find. Google has recently fixed this... Read More

Windows Phone: 5 free social apps

It’s not hard to appreciate that the smartphone has become one of the most important tools at a manager’s disposal. Apps are one of the reasons for this, as they open up all sorts of possibilities, such as enabling us to access social networks and communicate on the go. Unfortunately, users of the Windows Phone may feel a little limited... Read More

Who else wants to know 5 social trends?

Marketing has changed drastically since the integration of social media. It’s now expected that as a business you will have a social media presence and that it is active. One major problem many small businesses face though is that social media is always changing, often creating confusion as to what is currently popular. Therefore, to be successful, you need stay... Read More

Configure what the power button does

One of the more useful buttons on a computer is the power button. Press it once and your machine usually springs to life, enabling you to do your work, surf the Internet, play games, etc. Once your computer is on the power button usually isn’t all that useful and most people don’t even use it to turn the computer off.... Read More

Group contacts together in Gmail

There is little doubt as to the fact that email has completely changed the way we communicate. Because there are numerous functions and features that make up many of the popular email programs, it can be hard to master or even learn about them all. One feature in Gmail that most people know about, but few really use, is contact... Read More

Going away? Set an auto reply

Communication and Email Overview of Outlook Web Apps Email has become one of the most important communication tools of nearly every business. Its instantaneous nature has drastically increased the speed at which business can be carried out. The downside is that many people want and expect instant replies. This is something which might be impossible if you are out of... Read More

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