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Build Service Profits with ERP

Services are becoming an important revenue source for more and more businesses.

Even those industries that historically dealt only in products ‒ retailers, distributors, and manufacturers ‒ are looking to services to expand revenue streams and diversify the business. Examples include:

Manage service delivery to assure profits

When you add services to your current product offering, it’s important to implement the processes that support the new business model. An ERP system designed to support service businesses will provide the foundation for best practices that promote profits and high customer satisfaction. Key functionality that you should look for in an ERP include:

Services can expand your relationships with customers, leading to greater profits. With an ERP system designed to manage products as well as service delivery, you can add services with confidence. Make sure that you choose an ERP solution that will support all aspects of your business. Let’s talk about your plans for growth today.

Published with permission from TechAdvisory.org
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