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Understanding Office 2019 End of Life

A New Version of Office with a Shorter Support Life Office 2019 is the newest version of Microsoft’s Office Suite with a perpetual license. As an alternative to Office 365’s subscription model, Office 2019 offers users a one-time payment for access and use to the suite of services offered. However, much like how Office and its various services have changed... Read More

How COVID-19 Affects Office 365

Microsoft Throttles Certain Office 365 Features In Wake of Coronavirus As the situation surrounding Coronavirus continues to evolve, more and more companies are turning towards work from home solutions to keep their employees working during periods of lockdown and social distancing. Because of this, many services are seeing an unprecedented increased traffic and use that has put strain on their... Read More

How VPN’s Help Work from Home Employees

Working from Home, Safely As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, more and more businesses are turning to work from home options to allow for heir employees to continue contribute to their jobs while also remaining safe. For many companies this also means that employees will be utilizing company computers and accessing their databases to access important documents as well... Read More

How to Spot a Tech Support Scam

Understanding the Danger of Tech Support Scams IT Support should be something that you and your business rely on to keep your network, and your workstations safe and running smoothly. Working with a good tech support team can be like having a great partner that is watching your back and helping you steer clear of any troubles with great knowledge... Read More

How COVID-19 Affects Dallas Businesses

Dallas County Takes Emergency Measures Due to COVID-19 With the recent announcement that Dallas county is now under an emergency declaration due to the novel coronavirus spreading throughout the city’s residents, many businesses are opting to have their employees work from home as schools, colleges, and other institutions follow suit by sending people home. This has led to new protocols... Read More

What’s Your Bugout Plan For Your Office?

Coronavirus Interrupts Businesses Around the World Massive companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google all tell their employees to work from home, conduct interviews from teleconference means rather than in person, and have instituted a number of measures to increase hygiene and safety. As it continues to spread across the world, Coronavirus is beginning to reach pandemic levels of infection, with... Read More

How Managed IT Helps Slow the Spread of Coronavirus

The Continued Spread of COVID-19 Though there are strides being made in the ways of developing a vaccine for Coronavirus, the virus continues to spread globally. Many people and organizations have begun to take precautions against infection from the virus, and some businesses have even begun to have employees work from home to further mitigate the risks. While this was... Read More

How to Avoid Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Bing Update

The Office 365 Update Nobody Wanted On January 23rd, 2020, Microsoft announced via their docs website that Office 365 ProPlus would be receiving a Google Chrome plugin with its Version 2002 update to release later in the year. This update would make Bing the default search engine for the browser when Office 365 ProPlus was updated, or with new installations... Read More

What’s the Future of AWS?

AWS Continues to Lead in Cloud Innovation Cloud computing is an always growing, always evolving field of technology. For years, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been the leader in the Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service markets, providing a vast array of software, tools, and data management with incredible flexibility and integrated partner programs to provide the... Read More

How is Technology Helping Fight Coronavirus?

New Methods to Combat New Diseases Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) has become a global concern as the disease continues to spread. Without a vaccine to combat it, and research not able to keep up in wake of the continued rates of infection, this pandemic is one that many rightly fear. Doctors are still finding ways to confront these outbreaks,... Read More