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Dealing with a frozen Android device

The smartphone is an amazing device that has revolutionized the way we communicate. However, it’s technology that many of us accept and welcome without question, often forgetting that these devices are really just computers that fit in our hands. Like their bigger cousins, phones will eventually freeze or programs won’t work properly. While this is rare with most devices, it... Read More

Voice Commands For Google Now

Android phone users have a wide variety of apps available to them, including more than 10 directly from Google. One of the more potentially useful one of these is Google Now. This app is marketed as a virtual personal assistant that can help you find the information you need by using Google Search. It presents useful additional information too and... Read More

Let’s look at KitKat and the Nexus 5

In many countries, October 31 marks not only the last day of October but also Halloween. This night of tricks and treats is eagerly looked forward to by many children. This year, Google decided to do something special for adults too: Take the wrapper off of their new version of Android – KitKit and the new Nexus 5. Now that... Read More

Google Places gets new app

Google Places It’s now more or less expected that a business have a presence online. Even businesses that rely solely on foot traffic should have a website, or at the very least, a way for customers to find more information about them online. One of the easiest ways to do this is to have a Google Places for Business page.... Read More

Android tip: How to block calls

Smartphones have become so popular that many people, especially Gen-Y, are starting to forgo the traditional landline in favor of just the one device. While this might be a great way to stay ever-connected to vital business contacts, for example, you are still going to get calls from telemarketers and other people you simply don’t want to talk to. If... Read More

Locate cells with Android Device Manager

Imagine that you are coming home from the office after a long day and stop at the gas station. You pat your pockets to find your phone, only to notice that it’s not there. You’ve lost it. If this was an Android device, one would think that it will be hard to trace or find. Google has recently fixed this... Read More

Major update for Maps released

Major Maps Update Released Smartphones are made what they are today because of the app. There are so many different apps out there, all of varying degrees of usefulness. One of the more popular, and useful Android apps is Google’s Maps. This app puts a world class map, with navigation and so much more, into your pocket, for free. While... Read More

Google Play to get two new phones

Two New Phones Galaxy S4 and HTC Android The smartphone is one of the most important and integral tools at a business owner or manager’s disposal. They have enabled us to remain in contact with the office from nearly anywhere, whilst working on many different tasks. One of the most popular systems is Android, of which there are numerous devices.... Read More

Mobile version of Drive updated

A common trend of many software developers releasing new programs is to also create a mobile app. After all, the number of users with smartphones is rising and demand for mobile versions of popular apps is at an all-time high. Google Drive is no different, and while it’s not as functional as the browser version, it is catching up. Google... Read More

How to use Google Glass

Tech is always changing and evolving; devices seen as futuristic only a few years ago are now mainstream and in everyday use. And one of the more outlandish tech devices of the past year has been Google’s augmented reality project Google Glass. This device has had some impressive media coverage, with many wondering how exactly it will work. Now that... Read More