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Prevent Email Hackers

Prevent Hackers from Getting into Your Email Account Most hackers just like the thrill of breaking through a computer security system, but there are others who may not be as harmless. Some will get into email accounts and use all the sensitive information that they can access, for their own benefit. Email hacking is becoming a common problem of web... Read More

Recognizing Phishing Messages

What’s phishing? How does it work? Keep yourself aware of basic phishing techniques and you might just save yourself from becoming yet another victim of these unscrupulous fraudsters. Online oracle Wikipedia defines phishing as: “the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an... Read More

Lost Your Gadget? These Apps Can Help

Lost Your Phone? No need to panic if you lose your cell phone. Just make use of these apps that help secure your gadget from loss or theft. Check out which app supports your gadget. Technology has become part of mankind’s daily existence. Everywhere you look, somebody is sporting a new gadget or two, and sometimes even more. In fact,... Read More

New Windows Bug

A New Windows Virus Allows Hackers to Take Control your PC By simply simply viewing a record or opening a file, some Windows users may well be opening up their very own PCs to hackers A brand new vulnerability found in Microsoft’s Windows operating system can easily potentially open up your personal computer to remote attackers. Over compromising the data within... Read More

USB Malware Attacks

Majority of Malware Attacks are Triggered by USB Enabled Drives It looks like gone are the days when employees can safely transfer files using the ever-reliable USB device. According to various reports, there is an increasing number of malware attacks targeting USB devices. Small businesses should be very wary of using USB drives, without considering security parameters to prevent these... Read More

Seeing QR Codes, But Don’t Know What They Are?

As smartphone technology continues to improve in terms of providing connectivity, it follows that your internet marketing strategies must be able to accommodate these advances. One strategy you can employ is using QR codes, a simple and effective way to market yourself. Smartphones are becoming more and more popular these days, as both hardware and software developers add features to... Read More

Macs: Hardly Malware-proof

Security experts are discovering that hackers, fraudsters and thieves are targeting MAC users more these days because MAC users tend to be more careless when it comes to security for their systems. Macs are famous for a lot of things – some true, some false. For instance, many people believe that Macs are virus- and malware-proof – but unfortunately that’s not true. Just because... Read More

Search Engine “Registration” Scams on the Rise

Beware of a new online swindle circulating the net these days – a notice or invoice sent to would-be victims indicating a need to pay a registration fee to be seen on a search engine. As more and more people are becoming increasingly conscious about online scams, it’s expected that scammers and fraudsters need to step up their game and... Read More

A Peek into the Windows Phone 7 OS

Really sometimes difficult to choose which smartphone to get – not only because of hardware specs, but also the OS it uses. One new guaranteeing option worth testing out is Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. An expanding tech trend these times is the steady increase of smartphone use, as more and more people discover the value -both business and personal –... Read More

Outsourced Wi-Fi Hotspot Solutions

With the growing need to provide free Wi-Fi for clients and customers, small businesses are faced with the problem of whether to set up the connection themselves, or hire an outsourced company to do the job. Many businesses have seen the demand for free Wi-Fi at their establishments jump drastically, as more and more people feel the need to be... Read More