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5 BI Trends for 2014

Business Intelligence – the collection and transformation of data into useful information that can be used to make better decisions – is one of the more important business processes, and saw continued popularity in 2013. Because of this increased use, there are a number of trends that we believe will become favorable in 2014. Here is an overview of the... Read More

Analyzing Patterns In Your Business

It’s not uncommon for established small to medium businesses to hit a bit of a wall when it comes to sales and growth. Often, after a period of great growth, businesses can begin to see sales and profits level off. This stabilization can be tough to break out of, especially if you want to continue growing. One way businesses can... Read More

Information + insight = smart business

Today’s savvy business owner gathers information in a way that consistently reveals insights into corporate operations. Through a careful and deliberate examination of all aspects of your business, a portrait can emerge that points the way forward toward a profitable tomorrow. The key is to know which data is not relevant and which is by employing the right tools during... Read More

3 keys to successful data visualization

Decision making can be among the toughest tasks to do when running a business. Make the wrong ones and you could see profits dip or customers disappear. In order to make better decisions, many companies are implementing Business Intelligence (BI). Because BI can utilize a lot of data, a common way to present is is by visualizing it. Here are... Read More

When to use data visualization

Using Data Visualization Business Intelligence has become a popular concept among many small business managers and owners – who doesn’t want to be able to harness data to help make decisions? One of the more popular ways businesses manipulate data is by visualizing it. While this can be useful, it’s not perfect for every occasion. So, the question is: when... Read More

BI – 4 mistakes companies make

Data has always been an important part of the decision making process in business, it’s also proven integral in day-to-day operations. That’s why the idea of Business Intelligence (BI) is starting to catch on with businesses. The ability to capture and analyze data is tempting, and when done correctly, it can bring massive benefit. However, some companies have tried and... Read More

Why Big Data is Business Intelligence!

Making decisions is often one of the most challenging aspects of running a successful business. Sure, some conclusions come easy, but others require the decision maker to have a good and reliable source of knowledge and information at their disposal. This is why many businesses are turning to Business Intelligence (BI) to help the important decision making process. There’s a... Read More

4 categories of BI you could be using

Data has always been an important part of any business, and since the rise of the Internet age, it has become even more so. Because of this, many businesses have begun instituting Business Intelligence (BI) with the hopes of being able to better manage data, while also making better decisions. If you have heard of BI and are looking to... Read More

A brief overview of social data

In the modern age of technology, with nearly everything going online, making business decisions has become incredibly tough. There is so much data available to us that we simply can’t assimilate and comprehend all of it. The danger being that this is potentially causing us to make the wrong decisions. Business Intelligence (BI) is the idea of harnessing this data... Read More

KPIs for businesses defined

The amount of data available to businesses is growing at such an exponential rate that many are simply overwhelmed. Most of this data can be utilized in some way, be it to help make decisions or even judge the overall success of operations. One of the major ways to measure success is through the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).... Read More