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Tech Trends in 2014

Technology is an important part of any business and has come to be relied on for many tasks performed in a multitude of roles. As you likely know, tech advances at a furious pace, so fast in fact, that it’s often a challenge to keep track of all the innovations and trends. In an effort to help monitor progress a... Read More

Tips On Ensuring Your Email Isn’t Spam

6 Ways to Tell That Your Email Isn’t Spam One of the more important, and indeed popular, marketing tools for small to medium businesses is email marketing. When employed correctly, the email can be a great way to not only grow your business connections but to also connect with your customers. One of the main downsides of this type of... Read More

Benefits of A/B testing

There are many steps to take when developing a product, service, or even an email blast that will be viewed by large numbers of recipients. One of the last stages in this process often involves testing and trying to figure out what works best and what customers react best to. One common method of testing is the A/B test –... Read More

5 tips for successful email marketing

Marketing is an important business function that nearly every business does. One of the more popular methods of marketing employed these days is email marketing. This form of digital marketing has proven to be more effective than any other method, yet many companies still struggle with developing campaigns that actually work. If you have been struggling with your email marketing... Read More

Securing your IP

Almost every company currently operating has important and valuable information and files that they would like to keep not only secure but from falling into the wrong hands. The problem is, many business owners are unsure as to how to go about securing or protecting important files and data. Not to mention the fact that there may be confusion over... Read More

Need better customer service?

There are many factors that contribute to a company’s success, one of the more common factors found in pretty much every company is great customer service. If your company doesn’t offer excellent customer service, there is little chance that you will be around for a long time. It can be hard to offer customer service however, especially since the vast... Read More

The key to viral content

Social media and other content related sites have become all the rage with businesses. One of the reasons is because companies see how successful and widely known people and organizations have become simply because their content went viral. Many businesses would love to replicate this type of exposure, and spread their message in the same viral way. However, it’s not... Read More

5 ways to manage your reputation online

One of the common goals businesses have in regards to marketing is ensuring that their reputations are managed properly. Many business owners make sure that their corporate reputation is as it should be, but often forget to look at their own reputation. However, this can be important, especially if your name is associated with the business. Do you think your... Read More

5 ways you can manage your reputation

When it comes to your business on the Internet, reputation and a presence are everything. Customers expect you to be online, and many companies go to great lengths to establish and protect their reputation and image. Part of being online means that you will eventually have to deal with a complaint, and if you handle it wrong, you could see... Read More

Go green with the help of 4 apps

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). One of the more common business buzzwords of the past decade is CSR Companies of all sizes have been taking steps to do their part, often by implementing an environmentally friendly initiative like recycling. While it certainly is a good idea to try and save the environment, many business owners have no idea where to start,... Read More