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Questions To Test

 Industry Knowledge of ERP Vendors Once you have narrowed down the ERP solutions that will fit your needs, it’s time to find the right solution provider to help you implement. Finding the right ERP solution is important, but finding a business partner who will help you get more value from it can transform your business. Breaking old habits is hard... Read More

Make A Business Case For ERP

The need for new business management software, like ERP and CRM, is usually first recognized by the finance and line of business managers. You see the inefficiencies first hand – employees tracking information in spreadsheets, time lost searching for information and reports that don’t answer the right questions. But convincing the boss to invest the time and money in a... Read More

Four Ways To Expand Profit Margins With ERP

Making the move to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application feels like a big step. But for a growing business, getting by with a starter accounting system may be costing more than you think. With an integrated ERP system, you can see what is happening across your business ‒ from inventory to receivables and payable ‒ to monitor cash flow... Read More

Start looking forward with ERP

The accounting department can be a tense place at the end of the month. Trying to close the books when department managers haven’t gotten in all their reports. Long hours spent entering data into spreadsheets. The pressure of getting income statement and sales reports to the boss on time. The worst part is that all that time is spent looking backward.... Read More

Build Service Profits with ERP

Services are becoming an important revenue source for more and more businesses. Even those industries that historically dealt only in products ‒ retailers, distributors, and manufacturers ‒ are looking to services to expand revenue streams and diversify the business. Examples include: The furniture retailer offering in-home decorating services. The hardware distributor providing an inventory management system to retail customers. A... Read More

3 unexpected reasons you should implement ERP

Several unexpected reasons you will need to implement ERP Producing the change to a new Enterprise Resource Setting up (ERP) application is a huge step. You’ve heard the usual arguments about improved productivity and consolidated info aimed at convincing a single to take the start. But you will discover other factors that are not consequently evident that can rationalize moving... Read More

5 ways ERP builds distributor profits

Distributors are exploring new channels opened by the internet to reach customers more directly. Those new channels come with new challenges ‒ like managing e-commerce websites, processing smaller orders and forecasting demand. These can become even more challenging if you are still relying on an aging ERP system or spreadsheets to manage inventory and shipments. ERP systems have become more... Read More

Fight back the return of department silos with ERP

The proliferation of subscription apps in the business place is causing fragmentation of corporate data – harkening back to the days when every department maintained their own silo of information. When department managers opt for quick fixes promised by cloud based applications they disconnect valuable data from the rest of the company, recreating the siloed information of the past. The... Read More

Support more retail channels with ERP

Supporting Retail Channels w ERP As a retailer, your store is no longer the only place that you connect with your customers. From your website, to marketplaces, and social networks‒ you need to extend your customer’s experience and ensure consistent customer service. To keep your employees connected to the information that they need to provide that seamless, easy experience, you... Read More

Improve project success and profits with ERP

When you manage a project based business, it’s challenging to balance customer service and profits. Whether your business is to manage events, build products, or provide expert advice, your projects require the coordination of many resources to deliver on your promises to customers. With so many moving parts it’s often hard to know whether you are actually making money on... Read More