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Facebook to eliminate security feature

One of the most widely used platforms on the Internet is social media giant Facebook. While useful to a wide variety of users as a way to keep in touch and interact, businesses are really benefiting from using this platform too. In an effort to keep people using Facebook, the company is continuously introducing changes. A recent development however will... Read More

FYI: Facebook for Business here to help

Social media has become possibly the most important platform for marketing for small and medium businesses. It has provided these smaller companies with a way to compete and possibly beat the big companies. The problem with platforms like Facebook is that they can be hard to master or show little to no initial return on investment. To help, Facebook has... Read More

The winds of change blow at Facebook

“The world is closing in. Did you ever think that we could be so close, like brothers? The future’s in the air. I can feel it everywhere blowing with the wind of change.” The Scorpions had it right in their 1990 song, Wind of Change. Zuckerberg and the Facebook staff must love this song, because Facebook is continuously changing. The... Read More

The basics of Facebook analytics

The Fundamentals of Facebook Analytics It’s pretty clear that Facebook is here to stay, at least for the next few years. As such, many companies now have a Facebook Page that they have set up in hopes of attracting the notice of other users. There is an issue with this however: How do you know what your fans like and... Read More

New FB copyright post is fake

It’s the Facebook age, and boy is this age uncertain. Over 1 billion people have fallen in love with Facebook, and because of this we are subjected to way too much information. Some users share literally everything, and yet are shocked when they find out that Facebook actually owns the rights to everything they share. How do they deal with... Read More

Facebook etiquette for SMEs 101

Social media is more or less a requirement these days. New generations, and to a growing extent older generations, are turning to social media sites like Facebook for a way to communicate and connect with their favorite companies. This makes it important for businesses to have a social media presence, on Facebook at least . The problem is, some companies... Read More

Charity on Facebook is a scam

There are few websites on the Internet that have captured and held the attention of netizens as well as Facebook has. It seems that nearly everyone is on it; some companies have even established their own social networks that are near copies of Facebook. As with anything technology related and popular it is a target for scammers and there’s a... Read More

@facebook.com, your new email address

Social media is here to stay, companies and their customers use it to communicate with one another and build a form of rapport that can traditionally only be built through face-to-face interaction. Facebook is arguably the most popular social media website and is well known for constantly changing features. A recent change has many companies up in arms. On the... Read More

Facebook – great for promotions too

Marketing is an integral part of every business. Very few can launch a new initiative with little fanfare, sit back and watch orders and money come flowing in. Instead, companies have to make a conscious effort to get the word out. One of the best tools to do this is Facebook, you can reach a wide audience for a fraction... Read More

Facebook Groups now do sharing

Social networking, an unknown topic twelve years ago, has actually transformed just how we have interaction with one another. Businesses now place as much, or maybe more time, on their online occurrence than their physical presence. Facebook is leading the charge, and is constantly giving their users new ways to interact. A new post on to its group internet pages... Read More