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Educate your patients about EMRs

So why it’s important to teach your patients about EMRs Health-care providers may become racing to adopt digital medical records (EMRs) and acquire federal incentive repayments, but few are halting to describe how that all works to individuals – and can become a mistake, according in a new survey. The fourth twelve-monthly Xerox EMR survey asked more than 2, 000... Read More

It’s Time to Critique Your Workflow

For what reason It’s Time to Critique Your Workflow A great electronic medical record (EMR) implementation isn’t just regarding replacing paper charts with technology. EMRs also present a perfect possibility to examine and improve your work flow. The result can become increased efficiencies–which means reduced costs. Your medical practice has probably been carrying out things not much different from the... Read More

How to Help Your EMR Constituents

Electric medical record (EMR) implementations aren’t always simple Especially intended for small physician groups, which can lack dedicated information technology resources. However, following a few guidelines regarding the constituents can help make certain that the process proceeds efficiently. Listed below are three. Personalize intended for physicians. No two medical doctors are specifically like, consequently no two physicians should certainly have... Read More

Paper is Safer? Depends Whom You Ask

Is Paper is Safer? Depends on Who You Ask Electronic therapeutic records (EMRs) are more secure than their paper alternatives, according into a brand-new survey of physicians–but a similar survey of individuals didn’t get the same response. They think newspaper is still safer, which will means some education is at order. The survey, which has been conducted by GfK Roper... Read More

The AMA Wants You to Adopt an EMR

Adopt an EMR The American Medical Association (AMA) is taking an active role in persuading physicians to use information technology (IT), including electronic medical records (EMRs), in their practices—which shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that the AMA has been working with a number of leading health care IT organizations, such as the EHR Collaborative, e-Health Initiative, and the National... Read More

Avoiding Four EMR Implementation Mistakes

Electric medical record (EMR) setup has the potential to be a difficult method, in part because therapeutic practices tend to produce four major mistakes when ever transitioning from paper-based data: mismatching IT, misplacing methods, ignoring accountability, and mismanaging logistics. Below we summarize those mistakes and describe how you can stop them. Mistake #1: Mismatching IT. According to a recent report,... Read More

Managing Change in EMR Implementation

EMR Implementation When your medical practice makes the transition to an electronic medical record (EMR), which is inevitable, careful planning can help the change go smoothly—and careful planning, in the context of EMR implementation, can be referred to as “change management”. Change management consists of up-front assessment and planning—but there’s much more involved than simply creating a project plan for... Read More

EMR Incentives Lead to Quality ROI

Government’s incentives for electronic skilled record (EMR) adoption may pay off in superior quality of care, regarding to a new review. It found that people in physician practices that used EMRs improved treatment and had better results than those in medical doctor practices that used newspaper records. The study, released in the New Britain Journal of Medicine, viewed 500 primary... Read More

Five Ways to Make Your EMR Usable

Lack of usability is often at the root of slow electronic medical record (EMR) adoption—but usability refers to more than user satisfaction. It’s not about the screens and the number of clicks used to navigate them; it’s about the functionality of the system. Below are five ways to ensure your EMR won’t cause headaches. Ease. Your EMR cannot be burdensome. To... Read More

Five EMR Myths that Need to be Busted

Various health care practitioners happen to be still reluctant to apply electronic medical records (EMRs) despite increasing evidence of their benefits to methods and patients as very well as significant financial rewards from the federal government  The following five misconceptions should not be amongst your factors behind reluctance. EMRs are mostly for clinics. EMRs are being used more in large... Read More