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iOS 7 tip: Navigate the calendar

Each year, when Apple releases a new version of their popular mobile operating system – iOS – users get excited about the new changes and features that are introduced. The newest version of iOS – iOS 7 – brings with it some great new features. It’s not all good news however, as some users are confused over the new changes... Read More

An overview of iOS 7

Stop for a minute and think about Apple’s mobile devices, like the iPhone and iPad. It’s hard to believe that the iPhone was first released in 2007 as it really feels like it has been around for more than a decade at least. On almost a yearly basis, Apple has introduced a new version of the operating system – iOS.... Read More

iPhone 5c Vs. the 5s. Which wins?

September 10 was an interesting day for Apple fans, as the company held their annual unveiling of the new iPhone. But, this launch event was a bit different from past ones in that not one but two new devices were introduced. This marks the first time Apple has launched two iPhones and the immediate question concerns what makes these devices... Read More

iPhone – 5 scanner apps

The iPhone is widely considered by both business and private users as the must-have mobile device. There are different reasons as to why people consider it an important device, one of the more common being the apps. With well over 700 million available, there is literally an app for everything. One of the potentially useful types of apps for business... Read More

Do you use VIP Inbox for iPhone?

Love it or hate it, email is one of the most essential components of business communication. Sure, it enables nearly instant communication, but it has also led to people often expecting replies immediately. You can be sure that the number of emails you receive will continue to increase, it may even overwhelm your inbox. If you use the iPhone’s Mail... Read More

Microsoft releases Office app for iPhone

There are a number of important tools that business owners, managers, and employees use on a regular basis. One of the increasingly important tools is the mobile phone. Many people have come to rely on Apple’s iPhone but one issue is that it has never worked that well with Microsoft’s Office. Until recently that is. On 14 June 2013, Microsoft... Read More

iPhone warranty and common faults

Cell phones are among the most useful devices for anyone in business. One downside of phones, and indeed all technology, is that there are sometimes issues along the way and eventually your device will inevitably break. In an effort to solve this, or at least prevent you having to pay full price for a new device if something goes wrong,... Read More

Limit the amount of data your iPhone uses

How to Limit your Data Usage on iPhone Do you have a mobile data plan for your smartphone? While a fantastic idea – who doesn’t want to be able to check their email, social media and browse sites from their phone? – it can turn out to be expensive, especially if you go over your data limit. However, If you... Read More

iPhone and email attachments simplified

The modern smartphone user has well over 700,000 apps to choose from. One of the most important types of apps is email. If you are an iPhone user, you may be using Apple’s Mail, which comes installed on the phone. While it is a solid app, there is one function that causes some confusion – email attachments. Below is a... Read More

Uh-oh, your iPhone won’t turn on

My iPhone Won’t Turn On Imagine you’ve been out of town on a business trip for a few days and when you finally get home after a long day of traveling, you reach for your trusty iPhone to check in with the office… only to find that the screen is black. Pressing the Power button does nothing. What do you... Read More