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How to delay emails on Outlook

Email, one of the most disruptive technologies ever led the way for a digital communication wave of change that has more or less destroyed the traditional methods of communication. Why write a letter when you can just type out an email and have it delivered and read instantly? The problem with email is that it has led to a bunch... Read More

How to open Office automatically

It can be moderately annoying to have to click to open programs that you use on a daily basis. It can take time and lead to you being less efficient, especially when it’s a program like Microsoft Outlook. One way to work around this is to set your computer to open this program when you turn it on, so that... Read More

Office 2013 brings about big changes

These past few months of 2012 have been big for Microsoft, with the officially announcement of Windows 8, two new tablets and new versions of nearly every Microsoft product. The Redmond, WA based company has indeed been busy. One of the more recent developments is a new version of Office, Office 2013 or Office 15 as the technical preview labels... Read More