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Where To Go After Office 2010 End Of Life

The changing face of Microsoft Office Recently, Microsoft announced that it would be ending extended support for Microsoft Office 2010 come October 13th, 2020. While this is in line with the typical support cycle for the company’s software, what’s new has been the push to the subscription-based Office 365 and Office 365 ProPlus over the one-time purchase of prior versions... Read More

So What Is Exchange Online Exactly?

Almost every business in today’s world uses email extensively day to day. Of all the services out there, Microsoft Outlook is a common service utilized to manage a variety of tasks via its suite of features. Chances are, you might be using Outlook at your job, or may be considering it alongside the other services available via the Office 365... Read More

What is the Difference Between Exchange and POP3?

Before you can decide which to use, it’s important to understand the differences between the three major ways email gets delivered to your inbox as well as the pros and cons of each service. POP3 POP3 (sometimes just “POP” – Post Office Protocol, version 3) was the first major email protocol that garnered universal adoption when the Internet became pervasive... Read More

OLSB to Office 365, not without problems

There have been many different versions of Microsoft Office released for an equally large number of different operating systems. One of the latest versions is Office 365, the cloud based version of Office aimed at small businesses which replaces Office Live Small Business. It has proven to be a solid product. There is one issue however that businesses need to... Read More

Make your life easier, use templates

One of the most common pieces of software found on nearly every computer is the office suite. Microsoft is arguably the most popular office suite out there and their cloud office suite, Office 365, is a viable option for small business owners looking to save money. One of the integral parts of Office 365 is Word, which has many useful... Read More

Put it to a vote using Outlook

Survey, poll and voting. Whatever you call it, there’s a good chance that you use these in your office. Whether it’s to ask your employees where to go for lunch, or ask them how you think you should answer an email, they’re an important part of the modern office. Did you know you can use Microsoft 365’s Outlook to conduct... Read More

Migrate your Office to the cloud

The cloud has become one of the most talked about technical trends of the past few years, it seems like every company is trying to utilize it. A large number of businesses have developed versions of their software that have cloud elements, like storage. Microsoft is one of these companies, offering a cloud version of their popular Office suite –... Read More

No fuss shortcuts for Office 365

When we use office suites like Microsoft Office 365, we tend to spend a large amount of our time using the mouse to switch between tasks and features. In the interest of making you more productive and it easier to move around the program, Microsoft has introduced a number of keyboard shortcuts, no mouse required. If you use Office 365,... Read More

Office 365 your Lync to online meetings

As we become more technologically advanced, the need for physical interaction is diminishing. More often than not, today’s young managers prefer to meet using technology. Microsoft has caught onto this and has integrated some innovative online meeting tools into their small business software, Office 365. If you use Office 365 in your company, you can have online meetings through Microsoft’s... Read More

Business Cards and Office 365? (platwork

Businesses have been using Microsoft Office for years and many users, if polled, would count themselves as experts. Users in their numbers have already adopted Microsoft’s cloud offering, Office 365, as their main office productivity suite. The same features from previous versions are included, not forgetting the option to include electronic business cards in your emails. Here’s how to create... Read More