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Productivity Apps for Your Phone

January is a common time for many people, business owners included, to set goals and resolutions for the year to come. This year, as with years in the past, many business owners and managers will likely have a resolution centered around productivity. Being more productive has obvious benefits, but to become more productive, we often need help. One option is... Read More

Block The Net For Better Productivity

The Internet is really a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it gives us access to a variety of productivity oriented programs that really help increase what we can get done in a day. On the other hand however, there are also a variety of sites that capture our attention time and again, causing us to procrastinate or become distracted,... Read More

5 tips for better subject lines

In order for a business to be successful, you need to have solid communication. One of the main mediums people use is email, which has enabled us to communicate like never before. While sending an email is fairly straightforward, many people struggle or ignore what to write in the subject line. The issue then arises that it can take longer... Read More

5 tips to reduce multitasking

Many small business owners and managers wear multiple hats. One minute they are HR, the next, finance, and this switching of roles and juggling multiple tasks can be constant. While multitasking is an essential business skill, it’s not the answer to total business success. In fact, constantly multitasking could actually lead to decreased productivity. When this happens, there is one... Read More

Give uninterrupted presentations

If you use your PC or Mac laptop for presentations, screen sharing or during meetings, the last thing you want is for a personal message or notification to pop up. This type of interruption is annoying for the audience and could be potentially embarrassing for you. Unfortunately, without taking any steps to prevent it this problem will at some stage... Read More

Are Gantt charts useful?

Projects – work processes with a start and end date that are usually different from normal day-to-day tasks – are a part of every business. They can range from simple one day tasks to incredibly complex year long commitments. Regardless of the type of project, the key to success is being able to stay on top of what needs to... Read More

All about email sign-offs

Email, while a versatile and incredibly useful tool, can be challenging. One problem many people face is actually writing the email itself. Because it doesn’t involve face-to-face communication, the wording we use is important, as is the tone and ideas you convey. If you use the wrong word, you could wind up offending someone or worse. One particular tough area... Read More

5 tips to make your desk comfortable

There are many measures you can take to become more productive, from using the latest technology to minor changes that make tasks easier and therefore quicker. One area many managers and business owners don’t look into is making their office or workspace more comfortable. An ergonomic desk can go a long way in reducing work related injuries, while making you... Read More

Improve productivity with 4 apps

Here are four productivity apps that could help make you more efficient. A common goal of many business owners and managers is to find ways for staff to be more productive, or how improve efficiency. If you search on the Internet for tips on improving productivity you will likely be overwhelmed with the sheer number of results and suggestions. One... Read More

5 better inbox management tips

The Internet has forever changed our lives, and now we expect things to be instant, including our communication. Email has played a large part in developing these expectations, and has for the most part proven to be an immensely useful tool. Sometimes, a little too useful. It’s not uncommon to hear business owners gripe about email overload. If this sounds... Read More