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Security – 5 Threats in 2014

With each new year comes resolutions, goals and trends. One popular goal of many small businesses is to ensure that their systems are secure for the year to come. Often, the first step to take is to look at current trends, but when it comes to security, you should be looking at threats. If you know what potential threats may... Read More

Your Password May Not Be Secure

As the number of Internet users and systems we use rise, we continue to see a subsequent increase in security breaches and concerns. Many companies make an effort to minimize the chances of these risks by implementing antivirus scanners and more. The problem is, they are still at risk – the biggest being from weak passwords. Many of the major... Read More

4 Common Password Policy Problems

The security of your systems and business in general is likely something that you are concerned, if not worried, about. While it is true that many businesses have security systems in place, the weakest link is often the password. In an effort to ensure that passwords remain secure, many companies adopt password policies. But are these policies really effective? If... Read More

3 security dangers of public Wi-Fi

As businesses continue to integrate increasingly advanced technology more and more business owners and employees are working from outside of the office. Many employees may even be working from coffee shops or other public spaces, connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. While these networks are convenient, they are open and could pose a security risk to your data. If you or... Read More

How malware can get into your systems

The security of your business networks and computers is likely something you have worried about before. Chances are high that you have installed anti-virus scanners and maybe even other security measures, with the goal of eliminating malware infections. While this is a recommended first-line of defense, chances are that malware may still be getting into your systems – the question... Read More

5 ways to reduce malware infections

Over the past three weeks a new and potentially harmful piece of malware has come to light. The CryptoLocker virus can lock files and will hold them for ransom. If you don’t pay, your files will be deleted. It’s highly likely that this is the most destructive piece of malware of the year, and has many understandably worried. One way... Read More

CryptoLocker – what you need to know

One of the biggest threats to the security of any business network is malware. There are many different forms of malware out there that can infect systems in a nearly unlimited number of ways. In the past few weeks there have been numerous stories about CryptoLocker – a new form of ransomware that is proving to be a problem for... Read More

Mobile security – 5 questions to ask

Security of a company’s systems should be important to all company owners and to raise awareness, October was named as National Cyber Security month in the US. Regardless of your location, it is a good idea to look into the security of the systems in your company. One important system that many gloss over centers around mobile devices. Believe it... Read More

5 ways to ensure info security

Small business owners often have a tough job. As the face of the business you will be held largely accountable for anything your business does, or anything that happens to your business. If there is a security breach of your systems and personal information is stolen, you will asked questions as to why. Therefore, it is in your best interest... Read More

Managed email security and you

While email certainly has become one of the most essential communication tools for every business, it still isn’t perfect. One of the more common shortfalls is that it isn’t the most secure of systems. In order to make it more secure, companies need to employ scanners and filters that search for malicious content, spam, etc. The problem is, these can... Read More