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Facebook in 2014 – 5 Trends

Social media has become an integral part of most business marketing strategies, and Facebook is the platform of choice for almost all. 2013 was a good year for many businesses with a quality News Feed and Page, as the platform saw a number of business oriented features being introduced, such as enhanced promoted posts and more Ads features. Now that... Read More

Do you use Facebook Page Insights?

In October 2013, Facebook officially rolled out their revamped Page Insights. This tool is for any business or person with a Page, and allows them to gain valuable understanding about how their online visitors are interacting with the content the business posts. One of the reasons this is so useful is because it provides you with a potential way to... Read More

Hashtag mastery on Facebook

One of the more popular social media trends that seems to baffle and confuse many is the hashtag. It certainly has proven effective with Twitter users, so much so that other social media platforms have started to support it. Facebook is one of the latest to adopt these tags and many business users are eager to capitalize on this trend,... Read More

5 tips to help get more out of Facebook

Social media is here to stay, as it’s hard not to hear people talk about it these days. It really has become an integral part of our daily lives, and of business as well. You can bet that if a potential customer is looking at your company, they will check for a social media presence. The first platform they will... Read More

Graph Search – how to improve your rank

August 2013 was a pretty monumental month for Facebook. The company officially turned on its new Graph Search feature for all English speaking profiles and Pages thereby implementing possibly the biggest change to the system since Timeline. A common question many companies with Pages are asking is how they can take advantage of this change to become more visible or... Read More

Are Facebook Ads worth it?

The Internet has given rise to the era of communication and it’s now the main way in which many businesses reach their customers and potential customers. One of the more important aspects of the Internet is social media, which has proven to be the perfect platform for businesses to expand their brand and reach. The most popular social media platform... Read More

Facebook tip: The best time to post

One of the main goals businesses with Facebook Pages have is to enhance and market their brand. The main way this is done is by creating content that your target audience understand, relate to and can interact with. Many companies find this easier said than done however, and certainly, posting at the wrong time may cause your followers to miss... Read More

Facebook’s Trusted Contacts

When most people read or talk about social media, they are usually thinking of Facebook, the most popular social media platform. Because of Facebook’s popularity, there are constant stories of accounts being hacked, or people forgetting passwords and being locked out of their profiles. Facebook has numerous account recovery tools, and has recently introduced Trusted Contacts, a feature that calls... Read More

Facebook’s News Feed changes

Conversation is a crucial part of business, and one of the more popular conversation mediums is Facebook. Is actually hard to locate an organization that doesn’t use the platform. If you happen to be using Facebook since it is launch you will find out that there are periodic changes that sometimes generate it better, others even worse. The corporation has... Read More

Audit a Facebook profile in 3 easy steps

Facebook, beloved by many, is an ever-changing and evolving entity. One of the latest updates is the introduction of Graph Search, which makes it easier for users to find each other based on their likes, photos, comments, etc. Before this new feature is turned on, it would be beneficial to you to perform a profile audit. There are three main... Read More