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Use multiple Google accounts on Chrome

How to Use Multiple Google Accounts on Chrome There are many things we do with our online time. We check and answer emails, research that new Mexican cantina recommended by a colleague and reach out to and connect with other people. Basically, we’re busy people online. One thing that can be frustrating is when you’re logged into one Google account... Read More

Keyboard shortcuts make Chrome efficient

The Internet is great and we really take it for granted, relying on it so much that when it’s not available, many people are unsure of what to do. Luckily, it’s hard to find a place these days that doesn’t have some form of Internet connection. How do you access the Internet? If you’re a Google user, you most likely... Read More

Mergers and retirements at Google

If you have an attic or garage, it’s common to take some time at the end of a long winter to go through the cra…err treasures you have stored. It can be good to clean your house every now and then and it makes you feel like you’re living in a better place. Google has also been busy with their... Read More

Have a good idea? Google can help

In a world where more and more first-world countries are slipping into deep recessions, or struggling to dig themselves out of one, an ‘everyone for themselves’ mentality has emerged. The result of this is that many small companies and entrepreneurs are left largely without support, when it is these companies and individuals that will likely be the key to financial... Read More