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Cloud and Virtualization: 1 and the same?

A common tech term often uttered by tech experts and indeed many business is ‘cloud’. It is often accompanied with the word ‘virtualization’. These two terms have led many users to believe that they are interchangeable, when in fact they have actually quite different meanings. This can lead to confusion with all parties involved and even lead to companies making... Read More

5 business functions to virtualize

One of the more popular tech related trends is taking physical systems and migrating or switching them for a virtual version – or virtualization, as it’s more commonly referred to. Virtualization has many benefits for businesses, but many small businesses are unsure as to what solutions they can actually migrate into the digital realm. If you need some ideas as... Read More

Define: 4 types of virtualization

Technical devices and systems are some of the most important business tools used on a daily basis by owners, managers and employees. While technology is constantly advancing, many businesses struggle to afford to update their technology on a regular basis, instead choosing to make do with their existing tech. It is largely because of this cost prohibition that virtualization has... Read More

7 popular virtualization terms

When it comes to technology, there are many things you and your business can do to help get the most out of what you have. One option at your disposal is to virtualize – move your physical systems to a virtual one. Virtualization has become a popular way for small businesses to do more with less. The problem is, it... Read More

Virtualization: 5 benefits you may enjoy

Computers are continually increasing in power. In fact, such is the weight of this pattern of hardware power doubling in power every two years that it even has it’s own phrase to acknowledge this observation: Moore’s Law. While processing power may be going from strength to strength, the fact is that many businesses struggle, or simply cannot keep up with... Read More

Why You Should Use Virtual Desktops

Desktop Virtualization is starting to gain the attention of more and more businesses… with its promise of simplifying IT management, strengthening IT security, and ultimately gaining new efficiencies and cost savings in the business. Read on to find out how. There is growing interest in Desktop Virtualization with its promise of improved manageability, security and efficiency for the business. Simply... Read More

Incredible Cost Savings with Virtualization

Virtualization. Many business owners know exactly what it is and what their companies are doing in regard to it. Whether your company has virtualized some or all of your business, it’s evident that there are cost savings. A recent report found that some organizations have achieved up to 269% return on investment from the process. Read on to learn how.... Read More

SMEs can benefit from virtualization

Virtualization can be benefited from SMEs Computers and other devices have done nothing but get faster, giving businesses the ability to move traditional functions onto the computer. This move saved companies untold amounts of money and made employees more productive. The new trend is to move these now “physical” elements into a more virtual environment, a trend called virtualization. In... Read More

Are virtual desktops secure?

One of the more popular trends companies are adopting is virtualization, moving from physical systems to cloud/server based systems. Desktop virtualization, the act of moving your desktop computers from a physical to virtual environment is a type of virtualization that’s gaining more popularity. When it comes to this trend though some companies are apprehensive about how secure virtual environments are.... Read More

Woz and cloud problems of the future

The Future of Woz and Cloud Problems Any new technology that is profoundly, or even remotely, popular will always have people who love it and people who hate it. Often, the opinion of experts in the same field is so widely varied that normal users are left wondering who to trust. One such debate that rages, almost daily in some... Read More