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8 Things You Don’t Know About Windows 7 End Of Life

Windows 7 is dead, long live Windows 10 All good things come to an end. That’s just part of life, and it allows us to find new things to enjoy. This is also true with computers, as new innovations, updates, and breakthroughs phase out aging, dated technology. Windows 7 is one such piece of technology. One that while well-functioning, will... Read More

Windows Tip: Take Screenshots

For many businesses the most popular operating system in use is Microsoft’s Windows. The various versions of Windows have a great number of features that many use on a daily basis, often without thinking. There are a few however that we don’t use often but are nonetheless important. Take for example the ability to capture screenshots. Here is an overview... Read More

Windows Vista New Security Threat

New Security Threat in Windows Vista Microsoft develops many of the business world’s most popular software. From operating systems to document production, the company offers numerous versions of popular software. This often leads to security issues with one version or another, and in early November the company announced that they had found a threat affecting Vista, Lync and older versions... Read More

Sticking to the tiles with Windows 8.1

Windows 8 If you are one of the resistors of the Microsoft 8 tile interface with its touch screen quality, then you may have to consider giving in. The launch of Microsoft 8.1, the operating system’s first upgrade, reveals that the vibrant, colorful tiles are here to stay. However, tweaks and new features, while far from being dramatic, may be... Read More

How SkyDrive will fit in with Win 8.1

A new update to Windows 8 is coming soon – Windows 8.1. There are a number of new features and functions that will be introduced, and some of the more interesting ones relate to SkyDrive and how you access files from the desktop and mobile devices. These should make cloud storage even more relevant to users. With the upcoming release... Read More

Configure what the power button does

One of the more useful buttons on a computer is the power button. Press it once and your machine usually springs to life, enabling you to do your work, surf the Internet, play games, etc. Once your computer is on the power button usually isn’t all that useful and most people don’t even use it to turn the computer off.... Read More

XP to retire. Is your business ready?

Is your Business Ready for Windows XP to retire? Did you know that Microsoft is pulling support for their popular, yet aging, operating system Windows XP on April 8, 2014? This may seem like ages away yet, but for businesses still using this version of Windows, this is a big issue. When Microsoft does pull the plug, you could see... Read More

Windows: 6 different shutdown options

6 Different way to Shut Down your Windows Computer While there are many different kinds of computer out there, with these numbers expanding all the time, the vast majority are running Microsoft’s Windows. This operating system (OS) has many interesting features, some of which are little-known by users, despite the popularity of Windows. One example is the number of different... Read More

Windows 8.1 features announced

Windows 8, Microsoft’s newest operating system (OS), was released in October 2012. The users who updated found a drastically different, more modern OS, that took a bit of time to get used to. Like every other program, Windows 8 was less than perfect, and many users complained. As a result Microsoft and has adopted a yearly update program. The first... Read More

5 must-know Windows 8 tips

Over the years, the computer operating system (OS) has become one of the most important pieces of software for any user. Many business users have some version of Windows they are comfortable with, such as Windows 7. However, now that Windows 8 is out, many companies are upgrading, although many users take time to feel comfortable with the new layout... Read More