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The Speech feature on Windows Phone

One common feature that can be found on nearly every major mobile operating system is the ability to use your voice to interact with your phone. This is a great feature for users who can’t interact with their phone, say when they are driving. With the release of Windows Phone 8 came improved voice control, which you may or may... Read More

2 new Microsoft Surface tablets

Microsoft released the Surface and Surface Pro last year to generally positive reviews, but the systems generally lacked what business users wanted. The Pro, for example, was overly costly, which turned many businesses off the device. Now, more than one year later, Microsoft has announced a second version of the Surface tablets. In late September, Microsoft held an event where... Read More

Windows Phone: 5 free social apps

It’s not hard to appreciate that the smartphone has become one of the most important tools at a manager’s disposal. Apps are one of the reasons for this, as they open up all sorts of possibilities, such as enabling us to access social networks and communicate on the go. Unfortunately, users of the Windows Phone may feel a little limited... Read More

GDR2 for Windows Phone introduced

The Windows Phone, while not as popular as the two other massive mobile operating systems, is slowly growing in popularity. While the phones themselves, and the operating system, are great, they do need to be updated to fix known issues, or implement new features. Windows Phone 8, launched in 2012, has recently been updated, with new features implemented. This latest... Read More

Move from the iPhone to Windows Phone

The smartphone has become the constant companion of business owners, managers and employees. It’s rare to talk to someone who doesn’t have one. Once a phone system has been picked, people generally stay with it. However, new features and phones may prompt some people to switch. For some businesses owners, the Windows Phone system is appealing due to its compatibility... Read More

From Android to Windows Phone with ease

For the most part, many humans are averse to change and are creatures of habit. Think about the mobile phone you use. Chances are, if you have a smartphone, you’ve probably stuck with the same OS. While the systems are constantly improving, there may come a time when you decide to switch from say Android to Windows Phone. The issue... Read More

Switch to Windows Phone made easier

Switching to the Windows Phone just got Easier To many smartphone owners, there are really only two systems: Android and Apple. But there’s another system that is slowly gaining ground: Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Phones that run the Windows Phone operating system offer a solid system that conveniently links with other Windows systems. Because of this, business owners and managers are... Read More

Surface surfaces with 4 pros and cons

When someone says ‘surface’, we usually think of either something related to the ocean, or a table. Now, thanks to Microsoft, we can also think of ‘surface’ as a tablet. Introduced in June, and released at the end of October, the Microsoft Surface is the company’s first major foray into developing tablets. It has definitely piqued interest, but is it... Read More

75,000 apps added to Windows Phone store

When it comes to smartphones, many elite users often scoff at Microsoft’s offering – Windows Phone. It’s true that Windows Phone isn’t as popular as the Android/iOS duopoly, but just because it’s not got as many fans doesn’t mean it’s a bad system. Microsoft is aware of its ranking and is taking steps to get more customers. One solution being... Read More

Set up your new Windows Phone 8

Let’s face it, Windows phones haven’t been the most successful of mobile platforms. There’s nothing inherently wrong but just that other platforms do the smartphone better. Microsoft knows this and has been working to improve their mobile offering. The latest update is Windows Phone 8, an extension of Windows 8. If you’re interested in picking up a new Windows 8... Read More