LG Networks ESXI servers exhibit the following features:


  1. Utilizes architecture service console for management roles, script execution, installation etc. unlike other hypervisors, ESXI lacks service console, hence migrating management functionality from initial command line to the sophisticated management tools.
  2. Programming interface based modern integration models eliminates the installation and control from the third parties agents. The remote command line environments helps to automate most routine tasks
  3. They include ultra thin architecture operating system which is purely independent of the operating system. Nevertheless, it has demonstrated higher performance, functionality and reliability a tenet which is achieved due to reduced attack risks due to reduced code-base.
  4. Reduced installation time- The ESXI thinner architecture drastically reduces to roughly 10 minutes and two to three server booting minutes. Apart from these, LG ESXI has the ability to be boot from USB flash drive. Better still, ESXI hypervisor are in-built hence eliminating the hustle of installing it in the hard drive.
  5. Has a simple security profile configuration
  6. Use a simple small direct console unlike others which uses a full server console
  7. Needs fewer patches which help to attain shorter service windows and drastically reduce security vulnerabilities.

Facts about LG networks ESXI
There are common facts about ESXI that you need to know to be a head in technology usage. Some of these facts include,

  1. Built-in Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)
    However ESXI can be installed in other hardware the one on the list is the official hardware which supports LG networks ESXI
  2. Lack built-in firewall unlike ESX this is mainly due to lack of the service console.
    Unlike ESX which allows more services, ESXI allows limited set of well known services and prevents other services which can run on ESX i.e. hardware and backup agents, file transfer protocol and web access.
  3. ESXI lacks a web access user interface
  4. In-built host hardware monitoring a capability provided by CIM providers.
  5. Unlike others like ESX, ESXI reduces the hustles of installations prompts in trial to configure the server. The embedded version even comes in a preinstalled flash drive. Still again, ESXI can be installed in a flash drive once inserted in a server.

What differentiates, ESXI from ESX?
In terms of functionality, LG Networks ESX and ESXI closely mirror. Divergence comes at packaging architecture and also the operational management. ESXI is the current hypervisor innovation in virtualization. They come with a thin footprints with reduced or completely no reliance on the general multipurpose operating system. This helps to attain security and reliability of this hypervisor.
LG networks ESXI innovation is taking the world to another level of technological usage. New and all on the platform customers are urged to deploy ESXI. There is much that you cannot afford to miss in the ESXI hypervisor. Ignorance will be your greatest killer, explore what ESXI brings and you will never regret.