Get Ahead of Datacenter Trends

With technology trends like cloud computing, automation, and virtualization starting to change datacenters while allowing companies to increase their flexibility, decrease costs, and improve reliability, IT outsourcing companies are being forced to adjust their conventional strategies. As the implementation of virtualization has continued to increase in recent years, IT outsourcing organizations have started to switch to co-located premises instead of separate locations. In addition, as cloud virtualization continues to become more popular, whether it’s for a public or private entity, specialized IT security requirements have also increased. Because of this, the need for creating and implementing certain IT outsourced architecture services has never been higher. Now, IT outsourcing companies are being forced to rethink conventional strategies by applying new operational steps.

Invest in Controls and Training

Even though the recent increases in standardization and automation requires a smaller amount of employees, both practices still demand highly trained specialists. In the past, conventional data center specialists were more involved in managing the overall environment due to a set of general operating procedures. Nowadays, these professionals are required to have a more diverse knowledge base in order to handle today’s virtualized work environment. Of course, because of the new control and training requirements, these changes are ideal for IT outsourcing companies.

Managing Legacy Applications

One of the biggest factors to consider when it comes to the new trend of virtualization is how old legacy applications will be handled. Quite simply, the old technology of the 1980’s is simply not compatible with new virtual technologies. Because of this, it’s important to figure out how these old systems will be managed. Will they be replaced or just deleted all together? In order to find an effective solution to the old legacy applications, many of the IT specialists of old are not properly trained to handle such changes. With new technologies being implemented, the use of an IT outsourcing company is necessary in order to ensure that specialized solutions are operating at a high performance level.

The Need for Balance

According to Craig Wright, the managing IT outsourcing partner at Pace Harmon, all businesses need to “utilize hybrid solutions that play to your organizational strengths. Mixing a small on premise footprint or a colocation facility with cloud services often provides the best of old and new worlds”. When it comes to combining both service types, the importance of using IT outsourcing cannot be stressed enough. This will provide your company with confidence knowing that its standardization and virtualization technologies will be handled effectively.