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Make Hybrid Work From Home Environments Secure

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Make Hybrid Work From Home Environments Secure

The COVID-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented shift in the way people work. Although most companies relied on a fully remote work model initially, the vaccine rollout has led to the popularization of hybrid work environments. A hybrid work environment has elements of both the traditional on-site work model and the remote work model. Employees can choose to work from home, at the office or a combination of both.

Hybrid environments have certain advantages such as:

On the flip side, hybrid work environments do have their share of disadvantages as well. Of these, heightened cyber risks need immediate focus.

The Problem and the Solution

Flexible work locations lead to cyberattacks and associated pitfalls like data loss because many endpoints operate outside of the secure corporate perimeter. That is why 88% of businesses believe it is vital to secure remote work tools and protect customer or employee data in the distributed work environment. This puts the responsibility on the companies to protect their digital assets through regular software updates, proper password management, robust data backups and business continuity solutions, continual employee training, etc.

Hence, asset management is imperative for the diagnostics and mitigation of vulnerabilities and threats. Keeping a tab of all software and hardware your business possesses can be an ideal first step towards successfully managing digital assets. It should not just be a one-dimensional process of noting down the model number, serial number, location, etc. Asset management for security and data breach protection related to hybrid environments needs an in-depth set of inventories. For this, there should be a clear picture of the operating system, the patch levels, the configurations and even the state of known vulnerabilities.

Asset management provides a firm foundation for risk assessment of your business’ hybrid work environment. Risk assessment helps you identify:

Remember, regular risk assessment offers the following benefits to your business:

The Decision Is Yours!

If you have read this far, chances are you are looking for ways to plug security loopholes that arise from hybrid work environments. Although risk assessment and asset management can help you address, reduce or avoid security challenges, you may be confused about where to start.

By collaborating with a partner like us and making use of our expertise in risk assessment and asset management, you can prevent vulnerabilities from escalating into full-blown disasters. Get in touch with us now to learn how LG Networks can help your organization thrive in a modern hybrid environment.

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