Is your IT creating more problems than it solves?

If your technology isn’t directly contributing to the success of your business, it’s time for a change in your IT strategy. If you are plagued by system downtime, viruses, spyware, loss of productivity, and computer problems that constantly cost you time and money, the experts at LG Networks can help.

LG Networks offers a FREE LG Ecosystem Assessment so you know where you stand. Is your current provider or in-house staff providing you the best service possible? Is your network and systems secure from the growing threat of Ransomware? Is your vital data being backed up? Do you have a reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery plan? Do you have unnecessary daily announces that hurt employee productivity? What happens if a critical system fails? Find out the answer to these and many more questions with a free LG Ecosystem Assessment!

managed services

Managed IT Services allow you to focus on your business without worrying about the day to day operations of managing your IT network. Our IT Support team accomplishes this through proactive remote management, automation, centralization, and monitoring, to secure your Information Technology networks and applications, 24/7.

LG Networks provides affordable and reliable Managed IT Services to companies that need help with their technology, for a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house IT professional. When you partner with our team of experts, you can finally say goodbye to computer problems once and for all!

With Managed IT Services from LG Networks, you can expect:

Peace Of Mind – we monitor your systems 24/7
Reduced Downtime – issues are identified before they cause problems
Fewer Disruptions – services are delivered remotely or overnight
Comprehensive Protection – we make sure your data and network are secure
Predictable Budgeting – you pay only a flat monthly fee
Help Desk – our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and solve your issues quickly
Unlimited Support – Unlimited IT Support; Onsite and Offsite

Why choose Managed IT?

1. We’re cost effective. If you’re not an IT expert, you’ll need to hire consultants for basic IT maintenance – and this is usually too costly for small and medium-sized businesses. The downtime during breakdowns of computers or outages will cost your business more money in the long run than outsourcing costs.
2. It’s easier to predict how much you need to spend. We offer a choice of service levels which may be priced on a per-month or per-device basis. This subscription model gives you more predictability in expenses as opposed to the as-needed time and billing models used by consultants.
3. We take full responsibility, but you have full control. Although Managed Services are outsourced, you do not surrender complete control of your IT infrastructure. You decide which aspects of your network the service provider will take care of and what you want to handle. You are also informed of everything that happens in the process and management of your systems.
4. 24/7 IT Support & Help Desk. You get support whenever you need it. You don’t have to wait on the phone for whatever system problems you need resolved.
5. Knowing your IT is in good hands gives you peace of mind. Knowing that your IT system is in the hands of experts, you are assured that somebody is there to do proper maintenance of all your computer hardware and software. You can also be confident that if you encounter any problems with your IT, there are experts who will help you fix them immediately.

What are the specifics?

• Proactive network management, desktop support, network security and/or managed hosting
• Unlimited U.S. based help desk
• Network Monitoring services and management 24/7
• Scheduled network maintenance
• Security and risk management
• Intrusion detection
• Anti-virus management and verification
• Spam filtering
• Automated alerting and event notification
• Patch management
• Dynamic password management of administrator passwords
• Event log analysis, clean up, and reporting
• Online and onsite backup for data integrity
• Performance and capacity (bandwidth) monitoring and management
• Emergency support (24 x 7)
• Asset and software management
• Expert-on-demand access and remote management capabilities
• Fully redundant collocation environment
• Access to automation tools and enterprise products
• Improved decision making through access to knowledgeable professionals

By outsourcing the management of your company’s IT network, you’ll experience improved up-time on your core business while we monitor, patch, upgrade, secure, and support your network and desktop infrastructure. This proactive maintenance approach effectively mitigates IT risks, leading to fewer and less severe incidents.

If you’d like to give us a call, we’re available 24/7 to chat with you regarding IT Management Services at (972)528-6546.