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Doing Microsoft Server 2012 Migration Right

Windows Server 2012 is one of the most ambitious Microsoft projects, as it comes with new facilities that are adapted to the current networking requests of clients. This means that you will have 300 new features, cloud computing capabilities, and other features that are not possible with any other Server Managing Program. If you already have Microsoft Server 2003 or 2008 installed, you probably know what great advantages it offers and are thinking of upgrading, but you will have to make sure that the Microsoft Server 2012 Migration is done right.

Before determining how to migrate to Microsoft Server 2012, you should determine if you need the switch. Let’s look closely at the advantages and disadvantages of upgrading by using some examples.

Here are some clear scenarios that would benefit from a Microsoft Server 2012 Migration:

  1. You own a company with a large number of servers connected to different datacenters. It is clear that you need to upgrade to the 2012 version in this case. This version comes with an improved Powershell, a new Server Manager interface that allows you to apply changes automatically to groups of computers, and with an improved scripting possibility. Microsoft Server 2012 was made especially to deal with those kinds of situations, and if you are a fan of virtualization, you will find Hyper-V Replica is hands-down the best program for your needs.
  2. You have many remote workers within your company, or a large number of work points. The DirectAccess wizard setup program will make it easy for you to install and manage Microsoft Server 2012 on any of those servers, as the problems of previous programs were eliminated. You no longer need the IPv6 or the complicated Teredo program to install the new OS. The wizard does it all for you, so the program is perfect even for people that are not so familiar with Microsoft Server 2012. Moreover, the transfer speed and the new improvements bring the concept of cloud networking to a new level.

If you already pay for support for Microsoft Server 2003 and 2008, and it won’t cost you to make the upgrade, you should do it.

It’s a Good Idea to Call in Expert Help for Microsoft Server 2012

As you can see, you will need the new server in many situations. The program is simpler now, but this does not mean that your marketing manager could implement it. The managing and running tasks can be left in the hands of your IT department, but when it comes to install and support, it is a good idea to call a specialized company. Before doing so, make sure that you have the budget for this. In some situations, it is a good idea to implement the new solution, but you should wait for a while if you have the IT budget frozen, or if you are the owner of a small company that does not need complicated solutions, as in this case, simple support and outsourcing the server needs to a reliable company is the best solution.

With an affordable Server 2012 Consulting service plan from LG Networks, you can:

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