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LG Networks has been at the forefront of Presentation Virtualization, previously with Citrix, and now with Microsoft Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008. Terminal Services makes it possible to run an application in one location but have it be controlled in another presentation virtualization. With Terminal Services presentation virtualization, our consultants can help you install and manage applications on centralized servers in the data center; screen images are delivered to the users, and the users’ client machines, in turn, send keystrokes and mouse movements back to the server. We can configure Terminal Services to present users with the individual applications and data they require to complete their task, or the whole remote desktop. From a user perspective, these applications are integrated seamlessly—looking, feeling, and behaving like local applications.

Accelerating Application Deployment
• Deliver rich applications to devices that cannot run them natively
• Faster adoption of new operating systems, such as Windows Vista
• Deploy applications once on the server, instead of local desktops

Improving Remote Worker Efficiency
• Boost application performance over low-bandwidth connections
• Launch rich applications via a web page or Microsoft SharePoint® portal
• TS RemoteApp™ programs tightly integrated with the local desktop

Helping Secure Data and Applications
• Help eliminate the risk of data theft when a laptop is lost or stolen
• Centralized data helps simplify the burden of regulatory compliance
• Connect via https to internal applications, without VPN infrastructure

Please contact our Terminal Services consultants for a free live demonstration of Presentation Virtualization.

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