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IT Procurement Services

LG Networks streamlines procurement services to provide all your computer, network and peripheral requirements. We leverage our strategic partnerships with leading IT hardware and software suppliers to access broad product inventories at competitive prices. IT procurement services offer many benefits:

Competitive pricing

Our professionals are experienced at negotiating and constructing cost effective arrangements that provide technology to you specifications while incorporating favorable terms and conditions.

Informed Decisions

Purchasing computers, software, and peripherals differs greatly from purchasing other goods and services. Contracts for Information Technology products are by nature more complex and require a thorough understanding of both the technology and contracting language.

Vendor Research

Professional purchasing evaluates suppliers from a perspective different than that of end users. We protect your business interests through benchmarking price levels, investigating financial stability and identifying opportunities to leveraging existing relationships. This industry awareness enables us to pre-select vendors that are trustworthy and dependable.

Streamlined Administration

Many IT professionals welcome the opportunity to concentrate on what they do best, managing the computer network. Outsourcing computer/IT procurement concentrates selection, billing, and quality control of the IT procurement process into one vendor relationship.


Stages of the Computer/IT Procurement Life Cycle 

A well-conceived and executed computer / IT procurement process usually consists of seven stages. We have the knowledge and relationships to assist with each stage.

Information Gathering – This is our industry. Once we know your needed outcomes, service, functionality, and warranty requirements, we can handle the procurement for you.

Supplier Contact – We can eliminate the need to manage RFIs, RFQs, and RFPs by being the single point of contact and the interface with suppliers.

Background Review – We have done the research for you. Regardless of a supplier’s image or marketing budget, we know which suppliers are trustworthy. We have ongoing relationships with established, leading vendors of innovative and tested products that will serve you well.

Negotiation – We handle all negotiations regarding price, availability, delivery schedules, and customization possibilities.

Fulfillment – We manage shipment and delivery. If needed, we also offer installation and training services.

Consumption, Maintenance and Disposal – You can arrange for service support through LG Networks to maintain your equipment and applications.

Renewal – As an established firm partnered with established vendors and suppliers, we will be here when you need to expand your inventory or update your applications.

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As a full service technology partner, LG Networks can handle all the sourcing, testing and configuring of PC and server hardware, networking appliances, and software products for your particular application. For peace of mind, click here to schedule a consultation or call us at 972-528-6546 and let LG Networks become your procurement partner.

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