Server 2012

The modern world has gained huge technological achievements, right from the first release of servers, until now, LG Server 2012 is just what the world has been looking for. The Server 2012 is a version tailored to support windows 2008. This came into play and completely overtook server 2008 R2. Before the release and wide use of Server 2012, there were two earlier versions i.e. development preview and the beta versions. Server 2012 entered the tech market on September 4, 2012. Unlike its predecessors, LG Network Servers 2012 has added improvements to make it shine. Some of the celebrated enhancements include cloud computing, networking, hyper-V, virtualization, storage, IP address management, robust modern task manager features, web, and more application platforms. LG Server 2012 has the capability to switch between “server core” and those servers with GUI options for installations. The command line option- server core is the trending configuration in the servers 2012.

LG Networks Server 2012 comes with better cost-effective, multi-faceted high performance IT services. The ability to build, install, operate, and control the applications in the premises and on the cloud are just but few of the benefits that Server 2012 comes with. The following are a few tangible benefits that you will accrue from LG Networks Server 2012.

Simple and cost effective

Networking multi-tenant capabilities makes Server 2012 a thing for the current generation. The costs of LG Networks Server 2012 are affordable with multi-tenant storage and networking capabilities waiting in the wings.

Focused application

Server 2012 has robust support for frameworks enabling building, deployment, and scaling websites with much ease and flexibility. Application portability is also among the awesome benefits that come with server 2012. You are enabled to carry the application from one premise to the public and also the service provider exemplary clouds.

User focused
The displayed virtual desktop infrastructure exceedingly lowers storage cost by application of VHD duplications. This has helped many people to cut unnecessary costs hence staging towards the profit motives of most institutions.

Enterprise class orientation

Server 2012 has enhanced performance and higher scale capability to run huge workloads enabling a very effective recovery option.

What are the capabilities of LG Server 2012?

Server 2012 comes with slightly higher improvement than the initial versions of Server 2007 or Server 2008. The following are some of the facets that you will enjoy from LG Networks Server 2012.

  1. Super improved networking capabilitiesWith the LG Server 2012, you are assured of the ability to manage the entire network just like a single server. This facet enables reduction of costs an action which is motivated by the reliability and scalability of a number of servers. This modern development ensures the downtime is optimally reduced ensuring end to end defined networking solutions usable in public, private, and other hybrid cloud performance.
  2. Server virtualizationServer virtualization is a modern cost effective way of drastically reducing hardware investment costs and still optimally achieving your goals. LG Server 2012 goes an extra mile to add more enhancements apart from Hyper-V enhancements i.e. run multiple applications parallel or just on a single server, robust memory and cross industrial unmatched scalability for host processors.
  3. Improved storageThe LG Server 2012 enhances your already invested in storage i.e. SANs availing an option to develop high performance, readily available storage option while adhering to the industrial hardware standards.
  4. LG Server 2012 management and automationServer 2012 has the ability to automate and integrate the routine tasks via special tools. On top of these, the improvements which help to make deployment easy ensuring that the datacenter components have perfect configurations are some of the extras that you will get in LG Server 2012.
  5. Virtual desktop infrastructure

Server 2012 enables delivery of resources across various devices. Try LG Server 2012 if you need to realize where you lost the footmarks