Server Emergency Support

Server Emergency Support – Immediate Help 24×7

Emergency Support Services for Servers is available from LG Networks, Inc.

After Business Hours Emergency Support
Late at night or over the weekend, if your production system is down, we will work through the night to restore your business operation. We will do whatever it takes to bring your critical systems back online before your business resumes the next morning.

During Business Hours Immediate Support
If it’s the middle of the day and your business is down, we can provide immediate expertise to work to restore your business operation.

Remote Support
Many of your support issues can be resolved through remote services. LG Networks has a long history of remotely supporting mission-critical servers, utilizing advanced troubleshooting tools, and providing complete resolution to your urgent need. Remote services reduce the total cost of repair by eliminating technician travel time, providing quicker response time to your problem, and restoring you critical business system quickly.

Local Support
In cases where the support professional cannot remotely connect, LG Networks has on-site staff covering all of Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Our on-site staff can recover your server and have you operational, even if it means working through the night. While our local support services are seldom needed, there are cases where the server hardware has completely been damaged or the network connection is completely off-line, and thus our local team can resolve these issues.

Access to Subject-Matter Experts
One of the many advantages of utilizing LG Networks is immediate access to our team of experts who are experienced and certified in their specialization. Access to team experts is a perfect solution for clients who have a lack of internal resources or whose internal resources lack the expertise needed to resolve the issue.

We are not a network of independent consultants and we will not farm out your work. Our staff are our proven full-time employees who enthusiastically support our customers and new clients. We hope you are impressed with our responsiveness and competency in an emergency and consider using us in the future.