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Support more retail channels with ERP

Support more retail channels with ERPSupporting Retail Channels w ERP

As a retailer, your store is no longer the only place that you connect with your customers. From your website, to marketplaces, and social networks‒ you need to extend your customer’s experience and ensure consistent customer service. To keep your employees connected to the information that they need to provide that seamless, easy experience, you need an ERP system that will centralize customer and product information.

Connected shopping experience

As you build a connected retail experience for your customers, you need unified data to provide full visibility and management control across all channels. ERP will help you provide a complete shopping experience through:

As you add new channels, the challenge to maintain the level of service that your customers expect increases. Thriving in the new retail reality means that you must have connected systems that reflect real-time inventory and up-to-date customer history. With a fully connected ERP system, you can:

Your customers have become accustomed to a connected shopping experience. They want to have options to connect and purchase from you online as well as in your store. Let’s make it easy for them to do business with you and for you to deliver great service – through every channel.

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