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The Best Ways to Increase Network Performance

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The Best Ways to Increase Network Performance

When the internet was first introduced decades ago, a network simply consisted of a LAN workgroup that was either functional or didn’t work at all. If the LAN wasn’t functional, it was typically due to a simple server malfunction or an unplugged coaxial cable. As the internet has continually evolved, so have the various networks that connect millions of different users. With a more complex series of networks than ever before, there is more potential for certain malfunctions and failures. One of the biggest complications that’s involved with the recent advances in network performance is the ability to alter, replace, supplement, and manage each connection option. In addition, there are specific ways for your company to increase its overall network performance.

User Education

Often overlooked, weak network performance can be attributed to poor user execution. Because of this, it’s extremely important to educate your employees on the proper way to use your businesses network. Another way to improve your networks overall performance is to create a streamlined process that requires saving files to a designated shared drive that allows general viewing access. With a staff of employees that are educated on proper network usage, your organization will be able to have a much faster network that is performing at maximum capacity.

Know your Network

There’s no question that fully understanding your network will help increase the overall performance of your network. Coincidentally, if you do not have general knowledge about your network, you could be creating unnecessary IT problems for your organization. Peter Prichard, the director of marketing for Asia-Pacific, believes that people are likely to blame a network for slow performance, but servers and computers could also be the main problem. This is why it’s extremely important for you to have a general understanding of your company’s network.

Eliminate Junk Data

One of the best ways to improve the overall speed and performance of your system is to reduce or eliminate the amount of junk mail or spam files that can be accessed inside your network. A great way to prevent these types of files from entering your system is by installing different spam filters, firewalls, and antivirus software. Even without having specific problems with junk data, your company should always have a combination of these security features installed and continually running. On top of protecting your network with certain software programs, blocking specific websites, emailing options, and hardware configurations will definitely increase your network performance.

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