VDI VMware And Its Solution

VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI is an integrated desktop virtualization solution that delivers enterprise-class control and manageability with a familiar user experience. VMware VDI, built on VMware’s industry leading and proven virtualization platform, provides new levels of efficiency and reliability for your virtual desktop environment.

With VMware VDI, you get the proven VMware Infrastructure 3 software along with VMware Virtual Desktop Manager (VDM), an enterprise-class desktop management server that securely connects users to virtual desktops in the data center and provides an easy to use web-based interface to manage the centralized environment. VDI VMware provides users with desktop business continuity, high availability and disaster recovery capabilities that until now were available only for mission-critical server applications.

Streamline Management, Reduce Costs & Increase Security

Organizations worldwide use VMware VDI to streamline desktop management, increase security, and reduce costs. Using VMware VDI, the time it takes to deploy a desktop is typically reduced to minutes, optimizing the value of IT resources and getting end users productive faster. VDI VMware is a flexible and intuitive desktop management server enabling IT administrators to quickly provision and tightly control user access. With these operational and security savings, customers realize a significant return on investment from their VDI VMware deployments.

Deliver Complete Desktop Environments for a Familiar User Experience

With VMware VDI, end users get a complete, unmodified virtual desktop that behaves just like a normal PC. There is no change to the applications or desktop environment, no application sharing and no retraining required. Administrators can allow users to install applications, customize their desktop environment and use local printers and USB devices. Users also get better support with VDI VMware solution because Help Desk technicians can perform tasks in the data center that would normally require an in-person visit.

Product Information On VMware Lab ManagerVMware Lab Manager

Create and manage a library of commonly used configurations and dynamically provision them in seconds with a simple mouse click. VMware Lab Manager gives users on-demand access to machines and systems they need – while leaving IT in administrative control – all while achieving significant savings through reduced server, storage, and provisioning costs.


Create and Maintain a Shared Virtual Machine Image Library

Automate the setup, capture, storage and sharing of multi-machine system configurations with VMware Lab Manager. With its shared image library and shared pool of virtualized servers, VMware Lab Manager lets you efficiently store and share multi-machine configurations across teams and geographies.

Rapidly Provision any Environment with a Single Click of the Mouse

Eliminate the painstaking hours-long process of gathering machines, installing operating systems, installing and configuring applications and establishing inter-machine connections. With a single click, you can provision multi-tier systems nearly instantly with VMware Lab Manager. You can also give users self-service access to the image library, allowing them to fulfill their own provisioning needs while leaving IT in control of user management, storage quotas and server deployment polices achieving the best of both worlds.

Reduce Capital and Operating Costs

Consume resources as they are needed instead of maintaining multiple systems that are only used sporadically. VMware Lab Manager lets you pool and share resources to meet the needs of users resulting in maximum utilization — and increased cost savings.


  • Reduce development and test equipment costs
  • Slash software development and test cycle times
  • Dramatically increase the quality of delivered software systems
  • Improve communication and collaboration among team
  • VDI’s centralized management format allows IT to easily patch, update or configure all the virtual desktops in a system.
  • VDI users can connect to their virtual desktop from any location or device, making it easy for employees to remote access all their files and applications and work from anywhere in the world.


  • With persistent VDI, a user connects to the same desktop each time, and users are able to personalize the desktop for their needs since changes are saved even after the connection is reset. In other words, desktops in a persistent VDI environment act exactly like a personal physical desktop.
  • Pool and share server, instant clone, networking, storage and other resources amongst development and test teams and individuals
  • Provide every developer or test engineer the equivalent of their own fully equipped data center with dedicated provisioning staff
  • Automatically and rapidly set up and tear down complex development and test configurations
  • Suspend and capture a multi-system configuration exhibiting a bug or other unexpected behavior during test, ensuring reproducibility at debug time
  • Maintain a complete library of customer and production system environments for use on demand
  • Since processing is done on the server, the hardware requirements for end devices are much lower. Users can access their virtual desktops from older devices, thin clients, or even tablets, reducing the need for IT to purchase new and expensive hardware.

Efficiently move and share multi-machine configurations across software development and test teams and facilities in a VDI environment.

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