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Voice Commands For Google Now

Android phone users have a wide variety of apps available to them, including more than 10 directly from Google. One of the more potentially useful one of these is Google Now. This app is marketed as a virtual personal assistant that can help you find the information you need by using Google Search. It presents useful additional information too and you can also interact with it by simply using your voice.

How to use Google Now

With most phones, you can access Google Now by pressing and holding the home button on your device. You should see a circle appear on the screen that says Google. Swipe up to it and let go to open the app. If that doesn’t work, open the app drawer on your device and look for the Google app (blue square with a lowercase g). Owners of the Nexus 5, should be able to say, “Ok, Google”, from anywhere on the main screen or swipe to the left from the home screen to open Google Now.

Once you are taken to the main Google Now screen you will see useful cards that the app deems relevant to you e.g., weather, traffic, time to home, sport scores, upcoming calendar of events, information related to your most recent Google search, upcoming flight information and more.

To start a search, or interact with Google Now, simply say: “Ok, Google.” If that doesn’t work, tap the microphone in the search bar at the top so that you can use voice commands.

General commands

These commands are search related and you can use them to find information on Google Search. You can start a search by saying “Search for (something),” If you ask Google Now to “Search for the nearest computer repair shop,” for example, you should get the same results you would using Google Search on your browser.

You can also start a search by asking a question. Ask, for example, “How many gallons is 5 liters?” and you should see the conversion pop right up.

If you come across a word and are unsure what it means, ask the app to, “Define (word)”, or ask, “What does (word) mean?” You should see the definition displayed, along with additional information.

Setting notes and reminders

You can also use Google Now to set reminders and notes by saying:


There are a number of useful commands you can use to interact with the communication features of your phone.

There are actually over 60 useful voice commands you can use with Google Now. Check out this infographic to see all of them. If you would like to learn more about using Android in your business, please contact us today.

Published with permission from TechAdvisory.org.
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