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What is IT Consulting?

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What is IT Consulting?

Also referred to as information technology consulting, computing consultancy, IT advisory, computer consultancy and technology services, IT consulting is a specific computer advisory field that assists different businesses with their IT solutions and provides them with the most effective ways to use information technology. In addition to advising, IT consulting firms will typically implement, manage, administer, and deploy specific IT systems for a company. The majority of the time, a business will employ an information technology specialist if they don’t currently have an IT department or if their current IT department is too busy with other time consuming job responsibilities. Whether it’s a specific system design, project management support, system implementation or in-depth security programs, there are a variety of different job duties that IT consulting specialists are responsible for. By fully understanding and defining each role that you are accountable for as an IT consulting expert, certain companies will be able to receive a wide range of different services that are required in order to be operational.

Information Technology Consulting Skills

  • Technical skills
  • Management skills
  • Advisory skills
  • Business skills
  • Technical language skills
  • Communication skills


Types of IT Consulting

Independent contractors – This information technology consulting hiring option is good for businesses that are searching for a more cost effective approach to their IT solutions. Consisting of experts that are self-employed, independent contractors either have their own consulting firm or are associated with a staffing firm due to tax reasons.
Professional consulting firms – This option is generally used by larger businesses and corporations because of the highly priced job rates and total number of employees.
Staffing firms – Although a staffing agency is not a direct IT consulting firm, they are able to place technology experts with certain companies that need help with their IT solutions. A staffing agency will typically place independent contractors with various companies that need their services on a temporary basis.

Main principles of IT Consulting

With so many different aspects that go into IT consulting, it’s important to remember the main principles that are involved.

Advising – When it comes to IT consulting, it’s important to remember that you are advising a business, not making the final decisions. By providing your clients with the best advice possible, you will be putting them in the best position to succeed.
Relationships – A big part of IT consulting is relationship building and fully understanding the needs and expectations of your clients.
Technical expertise – One of the most important factors of IT consulting is the ability to provide a unique service. By being an expert in the field of information technology, you will be able to provide an exclusive business service that many company’s need.

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