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Telco Should Utilize IT Services

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Why Telco Providers Should Utilize Managed IT Services


Do you provide managed IT services? While this appears to be an easy question for IT support providers that concentrate their focus on the Telco industry, the answer is actually more difficult than you might think. In fact, the explanation is more complicated than just a simple yes or no answer. For anyone that has experience working with both Telco and IT support providers, you have probably discussed this exact question with staff members, distributors, and industry vendors. As you might have discovered, these discussions can become extremely detailed and lengthy.

Although it’s difficult to truly understand why a provider does or does not provide managed IT services to a Telco company, here is an analysis of the different kinds of specialized services that have presented themselves and why it’s sensible to implement managed IT services into a specific business plan.

Virtualization and Cloud Computing

As cloud virtualization continues to increase in popularity, specialized technology is now being constructed into conventional hardware systems during consolidation. For all Telco companies that haven’t already started exploring or implementing these options, they need to do so quickly. Because of the immediate urgency to put these systems into action, the need for managed IT services is now stronger than ever.

Progressive Solution Providers

There’s no question that managed IT service providers have already started to understand the important benefits that progressive information technology solutions provide. In addition, these computer specialists have also recognized the different ways to capitalize on the Telco industry. By having a progressive approach to this particular business niche, managed IT services are expected to increase business by 40-60% over the next several years. In order to fully accomplish this, information technology providers need to be able to foresee the entire IT package instead of just printer and phone installation. This could be the main difference between successfully evolving your business and protecting its growth or not.

The Transformation

While the transformation has already begun, the specific managed IT service providers that were able to predict the changes are way ahead of the curve. For other providers that were unable to foresee this new shift, there is still hope. The most important step in moving forward is to fully understand the importance of the transformation. Included in the virtualization shift is the ability to handle cloud computing, system implementation and virtual security. By restructuring business objectives to focus on the new Telco trends, managed IT service providers will be more than able to help this specific industry.

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