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Apple launches new Support site


Apple launches new Support siteWhile computers and mobile devices have been instrumental in changing the way we live, communicate and work, they still break down from time-to-time.

That’s why companies like Apple have support websites and they are usually the first place a customer looks when they are having problems with their devices. An issue with many of these support sites however is that they can often be overly complex. To combat this, Apple has recently introduced a new version of their support site which aims to make support far simpler.

The new Apple Support site was launched in August this year and can be accessed here. Note: At the time of the writing of this article, if you click Support on Apple’s site, you are taken to the old site but no doubt this will change in the near future.

A new kind of Apple Support
The older support site looks a little cluttered and almost inefficient – something which is vastly at odds with the rest of Apple’s products. Sure, you could find the information you needed, but you may have had to to search for a fair while. Delving deep into the site you would see a myriad of options and links that needed to be sorted through to find what you were really looking for.

The new site is redesigned to make troubleshooting and finding out how to fix your device that much easier. When you land on the site, you see buttons identifying Apple’s products i.e., Mac, iPod, iPad, iPhone, iTunes, Apps & Software, and More Products and Services. Clicking on each will take you to the Issues page which has icons representing the most popular issues associated with each particular device. Click on one issue, and a drop-down box will open with common problems. If the problem is listed, click on it and the suggested fix will pop up.

All in all, the site looks clean, and effective. Finding more information on your problem is intuitive and generally quicker than with the older site. This should help make things easier and quicker for people who are having issues with their device to resolve them .

An easier way to track your devices
On the main landing page, below the buttons for the different devices, are two links:
See your products – Clicking this will open a window where you can sign into your Apple account to view information like receipts, warranty, etc. about your Apple products.
See your cases and repairs – Clicking this will allow you to see the status of your repair requests or questions/issues Apple Support staff are currently working on.
While these options are available on the current site, they aren’t overly clear. This change makes it much easier to find relevant information when you need it.

Another way to get help
If surfing a website doesn’t appeal when trying to resolve issues, Apple has also reworked their contact page, and introduced a new option: 24/7 chat support. You will also be able to call the Apple Support line, schedule a call for a later time or schedule to take your device into an Apple store or retailer. This can all be arranged through the website, which is a really useful feature.

Of course, if you are experiencing problems with your device, you could always forgo sometimes complex support sites and bring it in to, or contact, us as we may be able to help. If you would like to learn more about Apple’s products we can update you.

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