Free Dark Web Scan

Have your passwords or personally identifiable information been stolen in a data breach? Find out with a free dark web scan and stay one step ahead of cyber criminals

Dark Web Scanning

Have your passwords or personally identifiable information been stolen in a data breach? Find out with a free dark web scan and stay one step ahead of cyber criminals

1 secs.
the time it takes for a new business to become victim of a cyber attack
$ 1 billion
Damage caused by ransomware in 2021
10 %
of all cyber attacks are caused by human error
1 %
of info found on the dark web could potentially hurt businesses

When large companies become victim of a cybercrime, your personal identifiable information such as name, address, and social security number become available in underground marketplaces on the on the Internet. And it’s available for cybercriminals to do as they please – such as open back accounts in your name or even assume your identity. 

The Dark Web, also commonly known as the deep web, refers to a small segment of the Internet that is inaccessible via regular search engines or web browsers. Because of the dark web’s anonymity and secrecy, it’s become a popular venue for illegal marketplaces. Think of them as eBay or Amazon for illicit items such as stolen credit cards, drugs, unlicensed firearms, and individuals’ personal information.

Dark web monitoring services scour the deep web to find out if your email address and password is among the list of compromised credentials.   

Find Out if Your Personal Information is on the Dark Web

Millions of pieces of personal information are bought and sold on the dark web daily. Our dark web scan helps detect and mitigate cyber threats. Take advantage of this free, no obligation, one-off dark web scan.

Here’s a list of a few popular items that are readily available for purchase on the dark web:

  • Credit card and debit card numbers
  • Names, addresses, date of birth, and social security numbers – all key pieces of information required to open a bank account or line of credit on someone else’s’ name.
  • Drivers’ license
  • Phone numbers
  • Login information for popular services such as PayPal, Netflix, and Amazon
  • Social media accounts

For an unauthorized person to have prolonged and unfettered access to any of the information above can have devastating and long lasting effects to an individual. Detecting an information leak early can mean the difference between a successful mitigation or disaster. That’s the service that comprehensive dark web monitoring can offer.

dark web scan

Billions of pieces of personal information have been stolen throughout the years the Internet has been in existence. You may occasionally hear in the news that some financial institution or large retailer has been hacked. These hacks normally result in the unauthorized access of personal data – and if you’re a customer of one of these companies – data that may be yours.

Free dark web scanners scour a large database of illicit marketplaces found on the dark web for any record of your personal information. An alert is immediately issued if any of your information is found. The sooner you’re alerted – the sooner you can take remediating action.

If our dark web monitoring service detects that key pieces of your personal information is on the dark web, we recommend the following steps the help minimize the damage:

Inform all banks and financial institutions

have them issue you new debit and credit cards. Also take the time to review with your bank their remediation steps if your bank account has been compromised.

Closely monitor credit reports

from each of top three credit reporting bureaus – Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. Unexpected dips your credit score might indicate someone has opened a credit card or a line of credit in your name.

Go though credit card statements

and look for any suspicious or unauthorized transactions. Immediately notify your bank or credit card company if you find any fraudulent charges

Change all passwords

to everything! This includes changing the passwords to your email accounts and logins to your bank or credit card company. Invest in a password management app to help you generate and remember secure passwords.

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