Database High Availability is a network of computers designed to be used with minimum or completely no downtime

Such groups support server applications with optimal performance aimed at ensuring normalcy even on system failure. When a server fails, instead of everything coming to its knees, having a backup strategy is always a major milestone if you need to be sure. Database High Availability system works beyond the human intervention to ensure things are running safely through a failover process. The software and hardware faults are detected almost immediately and adjustments are made without waiting for administrator’s intervention. At LG Networks, we are not compromising any inch when it comes to Database High Availability. Our Database High Availability goes an extra mile to ensure high standards performance, availability, and most importantly save on costs.

At LG Networks, we assist our clients to explore a variety of options in Database High Availability. Some of these systems include:

Extreme DB Database High Availability

This is an LG Network designed fault-resistant mainly to solve the changes faced by most people. This makes a reality the ability of RAM database to survive the sudden failure of the hardware or software in which they operate. We will assist you not only to know how but also to be able to join the happy lot who are enjoying the magic in Database High Availability. This system targets embedded systems whose failure can cause more harm or probably make an institution suffer a major crisis. Our eXtreme DB High Availability is highly reliable with cross-industrial unmatched performance. In the past, we have explored different versions of Database High Availability. In-memory database system is one of our hybrid databases; famously know as eXtreme DB HA fusion. This version is unique in that it enables linking of in-memory and on-disk data storage.

Features of LG Networks eXtreme embedded database:

  1. Core in-memory database system(IMDS) exemplary design
    The in-memory database systems ensure high speed to your application without digging deeper into your pocket to get a new hardware or calling for unnecessary rewrite. Still again latency which is mainly caused by the hard disk and file I/O cache is reduced by acquiring data directly from the main memory. Most of our databases are created in shared memory enabling multiple concurrent processors access.
  2. Tiny footprint- Approximates 150 K
    The database memory is comparatively smaller than the managed volume of data. This enables utilization of less RAM and a low-cost CPU generally leading to less costs.
  3. Flexibility in storage memory- On- disk storage or hybrid storage.
    When choosing the best storage medium, one looks at performance, persistence, cost implication, flexibility, and form factor. At LG Networks, these are our unique memory features, meaning that with our Database high availability systems you will be at home.
  4. High availability clustering
    Our database high availability systems are out to actualize your 99.9999% uptime calls. Our eXtreme DB high availability ensures things are working even in failure of the hardware or the software. Additionally, they support synchronous (2-safe) on top of asynchronous (1 safe) replication with an automatic failover. Our clustering, will enable higher net processing power, drastically lower system expansion costs, and maximize scalability and reliability for your data-intensive applications.
  5. 64-bit support
  6. Multi-version concurrency control (MVCC)

SQL server 2012 alwaysOn database high availability

Like our 2010 database availability groups (DAGs), SQL server database high availability ensures HA services without necessarily sharing storage. In this database high availability system, we ensure that your workloads are stored in the public cloud whenever there is need. This helps to ensure maximum uptime for enterprises and e-commerce websites. If you need to be ahead of your competitors in terms of reliability and performance, try our database high availability.