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If you still using Exchange 2000 or Exchange 5.5, it is high time you upgrade your communication and collaboration capacity with Exchange Server 2003. Having an efficient communication system for your business is the first way of achieving your overall business goal. You need efficient and effective communication and collaboration both internally and outside the organization. Exchange Server 2003 will give you the best result as compared to Exchange 200 or Exchange 5.5 systems.

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With our extensive experience in Exchange servers, we understand what works and what does not. LG Network provides extensive services with regard to Exchange Server 2003 installation, deployment, and maintenance. We will customize Exchange Server 2003 to reflect your daily business needs, give you intensive on-job training on how to execute it, and ensure constant checkups for smooth continuity.

Exchange Server 2003 is an extensive and multifaceted messaging and collaboration server designed to help you be in control of your business communication. It has rich client functionality aimed at simplifying communication and making it a memorable experience. Exchange Server 2003 comes with a mobile, desk top and remote email access. Its advanced privacy and security abilities are worth reckoning. It has an outstanding and reliable performance with email based collaboration ability. Moreover, it is easy to upgrade, deploy, and administer.

Investing in Exchange Server 2003 will see you benefiting from:

Advanced tools

Exchange Server 2003 provides POP, MAPI, HTTP/ HTML SMTP and IMAP email support. It also offers cHTML and xHTML mobile browser compatible devices. In addition, Exchange Server 2003 provides tools that enable group scheduling, contact sharing, collaborative activities and folders sharing. To add to these abilities, the server is integrated with active Directory allowing the IT specialists to leverage security and directory features.

Microsoft outlook 2003

Exchange Server 2003 outlook 2003 enhances communication by offering the user with intuitive interface and user- facing productivity tools that facilitate; contact management, email messaging, group calendars, instant messaging and task management.

Microsoft outlook Web Access

Exchange Server 2003 supports safe remote access to Outlook client. Outlook client is mostly preferred to Web client, which has feature limitations.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

Exchange Server 2003 upholds doctrine of Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Initiative. Exchange Server 2003 allows distribution lists only to authorized users. It can only allow sending from authorized users and to authorized recipients. This protects the company’s privacy. It also supports real-time Safe and Block Lists, which reduces unwanted junk emails. All messages addressed to non-existence recipients or sent by unauthorized senders are rejected.

Email services

Exchange Server 2003 enables users to create and set policies and administrate email accounts. In addition, its Outlook client has tools to enable the users compose, send, receive and organize email messages and attachments.

Task Management and Group Scheduling.

Exchange Server 2003 has tools that facilitate meeting scheduling, creation, and monitoring of tasks. This allows group coordination and teamwork effectiveness. It also reduces time wastage in the organization due to effective and on time communication.

IT Specialists’ Administration

Exchange Server 2003 comes with advanced tools that helps IT specialists in establishing and moving mailboxes, viewing system logs and queues, handling data backup and recovery and managing distribution lists. These tools are advanced as compared to those in Exchange 2000 and Exchange 5.5


To enhance reliability, Exchange Server 2003 is deeply assimilated with Windows Server 2003. It also addresses virtual memory fragmentation, which is a major issue in Exchange 2000 and Exchange 5.5. You can now recover and restore data without having to shut down the whole system.

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