The very first place to look for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 support is Microsoft itself. They have a sophisticated technical support system which is easily accessible to their loyal customers. If you visit their official site, you will find that they have a dedicated section for technical support and you can resort to them at any time. In the technical Microsoft Exchange Support 2007 support section you will find help from hundreds of certified companies, partners or even Microsoft Exchange Server support professionals who can solve any of your problems. However, you might need to spend a few dollars for this as well.

Microsoft Exchange Server Online Community

You can also find Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 support from the exchange community as well. There are different platforms for this which includes Exchange Server Forums, Exchange Server TechNet Wiki or even the Microsoft Exchange Server Team Blog. However, it might be frustrating for a few to find out the exact information they were looking for in the first place. Nevertheless, if you are a little patient, you will definitely find the exact solution of your problem.

Microsoft “find it myself”

Most people do not know that Microsoft has a dedicated section for consumers with the title “find it myself” in their support page. This is actually a self-support option for users which includes multiple options for their clients such as Exchange TechCenter on TechNet, Exchange Server Developer Center and the Microsoft Knowledge Base nicknamed KB. The TechCenter is a key source for IT professionals and it includes various useful resources such as articles, webcasts, videos, blogs, and community forums. The Exchange Server Developer Center is a great platform for Developers who are looking for support to develop and handle business communications through Exchange Server. The Microsoft Knowledge Base also has few helpful common break-free problem solutions.

Microsoft Exchange Server Professional Consulting

In case you are not getting any help from these sources, you have no other option but to resort to the professionals. Most of the businesses have their in-house IT department or consultants who provide support from time to time basis. There are also a few freelancers who help businesses with any issues in connection with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 support.