Hyper-V is a hypervisor based server virtualization technology that has taken the technological world to another level.

Hyper-V enables consolidation of server roles via separate virtue machines while utilizing a single physical machine. This technology is better used in a 64-bit system as compared to the 32-bit counterparts. This technology enables best utilization of server hence drastically reducing infrastructure investment costs. The LG Networks hypervisor has a lean architecture exposing minimal attack surface. The users can utilize a single set of tools (center integrated management tools) to amicably control the real/ physical resources and also the virtual ones.

Hyper-V has evolved from the initial stages as a beta program to an automatic Windows update on 2008 then finally the current standalone version. Hyper-V exists in three different versions i.e. the windows server 2008 R2, window server 2008 installable and finally the standalone version (Microsoft Hyper – V 2008).

What are the key features of LG Networks Hyper-V?

  • 64-bit based hypervisor virtualization
  • Versatility to run on both the 32-bit and the 64 –bit processors concurrently
  • Multiprocessor and uniprocessor abilities
  • Robust memory support
  • Supports the virtual local area network (VLAN)
  • Ability for virtual machine snapshots capturing the state, data and the hardware configuration of the virtual machine

What are the benefits of virtual environment?

The Hyper-V virtualized environment comes with a package of benefits. The following are some of the benefits availed by a virtualized environment.

  1. Enhanced development and test efficiency reducing the set up time for hardware/software and also simulate the test environment.
  2. Reduced costs of acquiring, operating and maintaining physical servers while optimally utilizing the source server
  3. Enhanced server availability without investing in so many computers

Why should one use LG Network’s Hyper-V?

Hyper-V technology came into the technology market mainly to avail virtual environment to users at various levels. Unlike other virtualization technology, Hyper-V supports partitions. This feature enables allocation of the hard drive to various uses. Support of partitions enables inherent isolation, avoiding any interaction/access to the physical processor. This is possible because all actions are directed through the hypervisor.

Scalability and performance

Hyper-V supports configuring of virtual machines initially with a maximum of four virtual machines and memory ranging up to 64-bit. This has drastically been improved in the hyper- V windows server 2012 to accommodate up to 64 virtual processors and 1TB memory for the hyper-V guest users. Ability to support larger cluster sizes, support for a number of processors, and support for advanced features ensuring that the users attain higher assured level of scalability and performance is what makes Hyper-V stand out.

High storage capabilities

Hyper-V has great ability to support high intensive, critical workloads due to its robust storage capabilities. These capability include,

  1. Support for 4-KB disk sector mainly in the hyper-V virtual machines avails a taste of current innovations to the customers which provides enhanced capabilities and reliability.
  2. Virtual fiber channel- Facilitates integration of the virtual machine to the fiber channel storage area networks making other capabilities fiber example fiber channel-based hyper-V.
  3. New virtual hard disk format- The VHDX new innovation format enables current and future workloads. This enables storage capacity, secure protection and enhanced performance etc.

Enhanced resource management

The LG hyper-V enables a number of super up resource management these includes dynamic memory improvements, resource metering, quality services and also data center bridging. Latency issues are reduced and sometimes eliminated in totality through allocating maximum bandwidth to the virtual port.

Lower costs

Hyper-V enables increased desktop density; use cheap deployment options i.e. pooled desktops and cheap but reliable storage solutions. The server message Block (SMB) and the virtualization fair share avails cheaper storage option than when using other virtualization options.

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