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LG Networks’ IIS Consultants offer an IIS Health Check that proactively diagnoses and analyzes the data collected in order to make recommendations based on best practices for your IIS environment.

Get the Most Out of Your Investment

The Internet Information Services (IIS) Health Check provides insights into the health of your IIS environment. This engagement uses a number of tools to collect data and statistics about the most important and critical aspects of your IIS environment. The goal of this health check is to proactively diagnose and analyze the data collected to make recommendations based on best practices for your IIS environment. This can help you to use best practices and avoid potential problems in the future. The tools used are low impact and only collect information about IIS default setting, architecture, performance and administration. The tools act in a read only manner and do not make changes to your servers. The health check data gathering is performed with a LG Networks, Inc. field engineer onsite. 

Data analysis may be completed post-visit. Documentation, reports and prescriptive guidance are provided to your staff based on the findings. Follow-up days are available upon request.

Customers Who Benefit from the IIS Health Check

The IIS Health Check is designed for senior IT staff members and engineers in charge of supporting and managing your IIS environment. The IIS Health Check is available only for Premier Support customers and provides guidance at many levels of your organization. Whether you are a CIO, a mid-level IT manager, or an IT administrator, you can receive support and guidance to help you increase your operational efficiency, maximize system uptime, and reduce costs. This can lead to more effective use of Internet Information Services.

Help Maintain Maximum Efficiency

The IIS Health Check uses industry best practices along with LG Networks Inc.’s organizational knowledge. By sharing our internal expertise, we hope to help you reach your ideal performance goals.

Help Reduce Support Costs

The Health Check Program helps expose vulnerabilities in your IIS infrastructure and operational processes. When resolved, the result can be improved uptime and lower support costs. Diagnostics reveal causes, not just symptoms, helping you to take a proactive approach to reducing problems. This includes helping to identify problems, to optimize productivity and uncovering potential issues before they affect users and drive up support costs.

Use Practical Recommendations

The program provides possible solutions for each of the risks identified to assist you in operating an enterprise IIS deployment. You can receive operations, configuration, and architectural recommendations aimed at improving the operational efficiency of your IIS servers.

Key Features

During the engagement, your organization’s participants are provided with information that can help you to take action and optimize your production IIS environment. Information provided can help you:

Internet Information Services Health Check

Phases of the IIS Health Check

Part I: Data Gathering Servers


Network Architecture


Part II:

Data Analysis and Reporting After the completion of this health check, a report is provided with the findings and recommendations to ensure the health of your organization’s IIS environment. After the gathered information is analyzed, recommendations are made in the report. Any critical problems found can be discussed to determine the next course of action. If time and internal processes delay the resolution of the problems, assistance can be scheduled at a later date. Our IIS Tuning consultants can also provide a scorecard including different aspects of the health of your IIS environment.

Maximize the Value of Your IT Investments

The mission of our IIS Tuning Consultants is to help ensure that you get the most out of your IT investments. Whether you are looking to improve your bottom line, enhance productivity, or use technology to realize new business opportunities, we are ready to assist. From business support to strategic consulting, we offer a full range of technical support services for any stage in your IT lifecycle.