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Does the cybersecurity, up-time, and consistency of your IT Infrastructure important to your business? Are you concerned about your business’ IT Support? If that’s the case, LG Networks can help you with only the best in quick, professional and excellent outsourced Managed IT services for your business locally in Dallas, TX. 

The future of in-house IT in the region

The truth is that modern tech is getting more and more complex as the industry grows and becoming quite hard to delegate by itself that is also why it is known as “big data”. This in turn, creates the issue of having to managed all that data, hardware and accompanying resources all in-house. This is precisely why many companies are looking for our third-party IT Outsourcing companies.

September 2012 article on eWeek talked about Managed Service Providers and it being up by roughly 23% since 2011, and that number is also expected to increase dramatically through 2013 as more managed IT services become accessible. In short, it seems that an In-House IT team may now have good prospects.

Here are the five biggest reasons why your business should go from an in-house  to third-party IT support.

  1. Lower Cost at a Better Price – To be completely honest, the biggest reason your business needs to consider jumping to a Managed Service Provider is to significantly lower costs. This is usually the most common reason why a company, no matter the size, would make that switch.
  2. The Risk Burden Is Shared – One of the other major benefits is that with an Outsourcing IT Support Provider, you can offload some of the infrastructural risk. Because of this, your business becomes more flexible, agile and dynamic as an organization, which gives your business the ability to deliver quality product.
  3. Get the Benefits of Freeing Up Your Resources – Because your business has limited resources as an organization, you also have restrictions to your accomplishments in an IT context. When you Offload your IT Support to a third-party you are able to free up internal resources that can be allocated to processes that can grow your business.
  4. Data Management Expertise Access – Chances are that your business doesn’t have a large IT budget to hire professionals to lead you through the quick paced world of big data. A Managed Service Provider will provide your business with the access to high levels of technology and resources that you would not have otherwise. This in turn helps your business stay competitive within any given industry.
  5. Adjust and Focus On Your Business Priorities – In conclusion one of the most ideal aspects of it is being able to offload your IT Support allowing you to focus more on your business. Handling all of your IT Support internally you tend to divide your focus on different technical issues to keep your website, product and/or application up and running. Outsourcing IT allows you to focus on what really matters: growing and supporting your business – not troubleshooting trying to resolve IT issues you really shouldn’t have to.

That’s when you know it is time for a brand new Managed IT Service Team!

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