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Microsoft Network Load Balancing Expertise

In situations where a single server or cluster can’t provide the throughput required for a critical application, load balancing of multiple servers offers a solution that not only enhances performance but, as a natural byproduct, provides fault tolerance by working around failed servers in a load-balanced farm. Firewalls and routers can also be set up in a load-balanced and fault-tolerant configuration so that failures of a single device have limited impact on overall system functionality. It is far easier for users and organizations to manage the impacts of reduced resources or bandwidth than to deal with complete outages.

Load balancing solutions are well suited for many web based applications where the front-end web servers can utilize the services of a back-end clustered SQL Server data repository. Applications such as web-based eCommerce are ideal candidates for a load-balanced configuration. Load balancing can provide greatly improved operational reliability because failed servers are transparently removed from the resource farm, thus making such failures nearly invisible to users.

Once you have established a base architecture for a load balancing environment, you have cleared the way for future growth and scalability because adding additional resources to the server farm is a seamless process.

LG Networks’ is experienced with a wide range of load balancing technologies covering server balancing, application balancing, and LAN/WAN infrastructure routing. LG Networks’ offers consulting expertise with products from the leading vendors of load balancing technology including Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, and F-5 networks.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Load Balancing Manager

Microsoft Network Load Balancing (NLB) Manager allows you to create and manage Network Load Balancing clusters from a single computer, and you can also replicate the cluster configuration to other hosts. Microsoft Network Load Balancing Manager makes it easy to create new clusters, add hosts to an existing cluster, configure all host and cluster properties, replicate the cluster configuration to other hosts, and diagnose problems with existing Network Load Balancing clusters. Adding hosts to an existing cluster automatically enables Network Load Balancing on that host and configures cluster parameters on that host. Removing hosts from a cluster automatically disables Network Load Balancing on that host. LG Networks’ Microsoft-certified engineers can show you how to configure and operate Microsoft Network Load Balancing Manager to enhance network performance and simplify system management.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Network Load Balancing Manager

Network Load Balancing (NLB) is improved in Windows Server 2008 by the inclusion of support for Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) 6.0, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) enhancements, and improved functionality with Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA Server). ISA Server can configure multiple dedicated IP addresses per each NLB node for environments with both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic. ISA Server can also provide NLB with SYN attack and timer starvation notifications during scenarios when a computer is overloaded or is being infected by an Internet virus. Windows Server 2008 R2 includes additional improvements to load balancing clusters with an IP Stickiness feature for providing persistent connections for applications such as shopping carts and a Network Load Balancing Management Pack that allows you to monitor the applications and services running in load balancing clusters. Find out more about LG Networks’s Windows Server 2008 R2 consulting services.

Cisco Content Services Switches and Cisco IOS-based Routers

Through content fast switching and forwarding, the Cisco CSS 11500 Series switches improve utilization, responsiveness, availability, scalability, and security of Web sites, server farms, cache clusters, and firewall systems. Load balancing is a standard functionality of the Cisco IOS router software, and is available across all router platforms. It is based on standard routing protocols, such as Routing Information Protocol (RIP), RIPv2, Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), and Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP), or derived from statically configured routes and packet forwarding mechanisms. LG Networks’’s Cisco-certified network engineers can help you select and deploy a Cisco-based network infrastructure that makes good business sense for your environment and can configure Cisco’s IOS Server Load Balancing (SLB) service.

Other High Availability Solutions Provided by LG Networks’ Experts

LG Networks’ Microsoft and Cisco-certified consulting experts can assist your company to build an affordable, fault-tolerant IT architecture that addresses critical challenges covering a broad array of networking solutions and operations such as:

Workplace Recovery Planning
LG Networks’ business continuity engineers can show you how to create a workplace recovery strategy so you can restore IT functionality in the event of an IT system disaster. LG Networks’ can assist you to define a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy that incorporates scheduled disaster recovery evaluations and testing. LG Networks’ Microsoft and Cisco-certified professionals can also help you create an affordable, zero-downtime network solution that takes into account availability issues involving a broad array of infrastructure technologies and processes. To read more, see Disaster Recovery Consulting Services.

Fault Tolerant Internet Connectivity
LG Networks’ Cisco-authorized IT professionals can help you design an economical, fault tolerant Internet connection architecture that can achieve 24×7 Internet access via a broad array of fault tolerant Internet access technologies including fault tolerant BGP, automatic fail-over, and redundant Internet Service Providers. LG Networks’ can provide CCIE professionals to help you apply the most advanced technology for fault tolerant Internet connectivity to build an economical, completely redundant Internet interface with automatic failover and other features to deliver non-stop Internet availability.

Virtual Servers
Virtualization technology is central to any current disaster recovery solution. Virtual servers can be provisioned, updated, copied, and recovered rapidly and easily, providing a level of versatility for achieving high-availability almost impossible to meet with traditional physical servers. LG Networks’ can assist your company to design and implement a virtualized solution based on Microsoft Windows Hyper-V, which offers advanced business continuity features that include transparent system backup and live migration. Microsoft Windows Hyper-V can save much of the time needed for scheduled service, switching to emergency backup sites, and restoring business-critical functions. For more information, see Windows Hyper-V Virtual Server Consulting Services.

Windows Server 2012 Failover Clustering
Windows Server 2008 R2 brought world-class availability and system recovery to Microsoft’s clustering platform. Windows Server 2012 adds to this foundation and delivers significant new and enhanced features offering increased scalability, better storage uptime for server applications, streamlined administration, faster automatic failover, and more flexibility for architecting failover clusters. For more information, go to Windows Server 2012 Failover Clustering Integration.

Windows Server 2008 R2 Failover Clusters
The clustering technology incorporated into the Datacenter and Enterprise editions of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 is radically redesigned to streamline the deployment, setup, and administration of server clusters that offer greater levels of network dependability, security, efficiency, and versatility. New or improved capabilities include cluster verification, revamped setup and installation, unified cluster management, redesigned cluster infrastructure for increased availability, hardened security and quorum structure, fewer failure points, more disk and RAM capacity, and improvements for geographically dispersed clusters. To learn more, go to Windows ServerR2 2008 Clustering Support.

Fault Tolerant Interoffice Connectivity
LG Networks’ inter-site network infrastructure professionals can help companies create non-stop branch office connectivity solutions through redundant system architectures with automatic failover. LG Networks’ Cisco-certified CCIE network engineers can plan and implement ultra-reliable Inter-office connections supported by fault tolerant EIGRP routers or non-stop OSPF deployment of Cisco routers. LG Networks’ can demonstrate how multi-path connectivity and transparent fail-over offers economical non-stop interoffice networking.

Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) Backup and Restore Consulting Services
LG Networks’ expert Data Protection Manager (DPM) consultants can assist you to create a practical disaster recovery plan, implement a cost-effective zero-downtime IT infrastructure, configure a Microsoft DPM-powered backup and restore solution, thoroughly test your system, train your IT personnel or local service providers how to maintain DPM, or provide complete information technology outsourcing including remote hosting of Microsoft Data Protection Manager servers in LG Networks’ data center facility. To find out more, see Microsoft Data Protection Manager Consulting Services.

Backup and Restore Solutions Consulting
LG Networks’ offers economical remote support from engineers skilled in a broad array of utilities and services that provide solutions for protecting Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, and Linux servers and desktops as well as notebooks and handhelds. LG Networks’ can provide expertise for leading data protection products such as Acronis, Symantec Backup Exec, BackupAssist Software, CrashPlan, Double-Take Software, Mozy, Retrospect for Macintosh, Apple Time Machine, VMware Data Recovery (VDR), and FLARs. LG Networks’ can assist your company to install, enhance, or maintain backup systems for a variety of environments including on-premise, remote, cloud-based, or a mix.


Why Choose LG Networks’ for Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Planning?

Because LG Networks’ is a Microsoft Gold Partner and offers high-level application consulting for a broad variety of small business applications, LG Networks’ is able to help clients to arrive at comprehensive IT solutions that substantially enhance the productivity of your information system. As a Registered Partner for Cisco Systems, LG Networks’ can provide the expertise of qualified engineers and specialists with experience in designing, deploying and troubleshooting networking environments based on Cisco Systems products. The depth of LG Networks’ technical experience and LG Networks’ familiarity with the needs of small and midsize companies make LG Networks’ a great resource for building and maintaining a cost-effective, dependable information system.

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