Microsoft Server 2012 Consulting: the Key to Your Company’s Success

Microsoft Server 2012 is the first program based on the Cloud OS technology, and is one of the most important Microsoft offerings, in the realm of servers. According to Microsoft, this program is more important even than Windows NT, especially because it will be a great asset for companies, small firms, and even for individuals that want to manage servers in a smart and efficient manner.

If you want this program implemented for your company, the IT department might be able to manage the program, but you will need consulting from a specialized company, at least until your IT employees are able to understand and use the program. Let’s see the steps that you need to follow if you want to have this program installed properly.


  1. Contact an IT company: You will need to contact a reliable IT consulting firm that has experience in installing servers. Microsoft Server 2012 consulting is needed even if you trust your IT department, as the program comes with 300 new functionalities such as components from Windows Azure, which offers native integration, and the Microsoft System Center. Even if your IT department knows how to handle Microsoft Server 2003, this is a completely new program. Additionally, if you have Windows Server 2008, you should consider the fact that support for this program ends in 2015.
  2. Design the implementation strategy: The Consulting Company has to make a strategy for implementing Microsoft Server 2012 without effecting your current activities. The program supports 340 logical processors and 4 TB of physical memory on the server, and 64 virtual processors for each virtual machine. The new OS brings major improvements in terms of reliability and management. It is important to test the network with the new system, to determine the loading capacity of servers, and to allow you to migrate the tasks with an external provider, when extra resources are needed.
  3. Train your employees: Besides installation support, proper training for your IT employees to manage the system once it is up and running is imperative. Microsoft Server 2012 comes with four versions: Datacenter and Standard, which are perfect for large enterprises, Essential and Foundation for Small Businesses. It is important to choose the right package, and this can be done with the support of a consulting firm.

Engaging IT Consultants to Plan your Deployment is Critical

Microsoft comes with the flexibility of a private cloud, and implementing the program in a virtual environment is not enough. This program allows you to connect to the private cloud in a flexible environment, and you can also adapt it to the ever-changing requests of your company. As the network resources are shared by thousands of computers sometimes, it is important to allot those resources effectively, so each user benefits from Microsoft Server 2012′s full accessibility and responsiveness, without affecting the rest of the network.

Once the implementation is finished, you will need support for maximizing Microsoft Server 2012′s many capabilities and taking full advantage of your investment. Engaging IT consultants to help you is critical. Having a long-term plan and vision for your network will help you get the most out of you hardware and software investment, and LG Networks can help you do just that.

With an affordable Server 2012 Consulting service plan from LG Networks, you can:

  • Enjoy increased productivity – while minimizing downtime
  • Concentrate on your business goals – while we handle all of your technology needs
  • Get your money’s worth out of your IT – with technology that will increase your ROI
  • Protect everything you’ve worked for – we make sure your data and network are secure
  • Relax – with a plan that’s predictable for your IT budget