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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 as a Hybrid Cloud enabler

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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 as a Hybrid Cloud enabler

Microsoft Windows Server 2016, can it be promoted as a Hybrid Cloud enabler?

Right after the end of Beta-era, Microsoft started claiming that the Windows Server 2016 is ready for traditional and cloud based applications. To simplify their work on support and transition lines they also shipped System Center 2016 to help organizations configure and manage their Virtualized software dependant Datacenters and hybrid infrastructures.

In a blog post the Microsoft’s senior director of product marketing wrote:
“In our long-held view, hybrid cloud is the reality for all enterprise customers, even those with the most ambitious cloud plans. Some applications should and will move quickly to public cloud, while others face technological and regulatory obstacles,” he said. “Regardless of where these applications run today or will run in the future, Windows Server 2016 provides a rich and secure platform.”

According to the research conducted at Microsoft, Windows Server 2016 offers seamless portability and adaptability when it comes to it being used either in a datacenter or a hybrid cloud environment. The OS comes equipped with Virtual Machine and Container formats which can be deployed wherever they are required. Microsoft Windows Server 2016 also comes with a special Hybrid Azure benefit which allows it to run VM in Microsoft’s own Azure datacenter that are available globally at multiple locations.

Our Take on Hybrid

LG Networks is a premium Microsoft gold certified Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Support Provider and what we noticed from Microsoft’s Hybrid services across all sectors is that the company is now gearing towards focusing on hybrid clouds throughout its portfolio including Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure 365. Which means they want to standardize their services and link them with hybrid cloud based network.

Microsoft’s approach to the hybrid cloud based deployment will allow for a uniform based software development through which developers and businesses will be able to give their services based on location as per business needs.

With DevOps being used to manage and update the resources across the hybrid cloud, we’re looking at a consistent interface throughout the network. This will eliminate the need to learn new environments for most users. Security updates will also be consistent throughout the globe as data can now be kept at lower costs without any need in changing either the infrastructure or applications.

Designing a Microsoft Windows Server 2016 based Hybrid Network

Windows 2016 hybrid setup depends on multiple factors – including Network infrastructure, application configurations, cloud based integration, server and desktop virtualization and disaster recovery in the event of a crash. The planning and know-how of the equipment and software involved in designing and implementing a hybrid networking model requires serious in-depth knowledge of IT disciplines. Most IT staff in small and medium sized businesses may not have enough resources or technical expertise to design such environments. LG’s team of Microsoft Gold Certified IT engineers are fully equipped and trained to design/modify and implement Windows 2016 server as per your requirements. We can also offer expert remote assistance, mentoring and onsite- troubleshooting support to your in-house technicians and IT staff to help you resolve occasional technical issues.

We thrive for customer satisfaction, our technicians will be more than happy to support your network with everything that’s needed to make it run smooth and efficiently. Our support also includes setting up latest versions of windows applications including- (List support applications like Microsoft exchange 2016 support.) and configure them according to your networking needs.

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