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SharePoint 2013 is the current solution package to transform people’s working styles while still maintaining the important processes, compliance yardsticks, and the already implemented IT investments.


Unlike the 2007, and 2010 SharePoint, SharePoint 2013 is highly optimized to meet people’s exact needs. It provides familiar, consistent access of information, collaborations and exemplary ease to manage integrated IT platform to meet the dynamic needs of businesses. At LG Networks, we are walking with our clients closely to ensure that they enjoy the package presented by this 21st century invention. Our SharePoint 2013 comes with superior features that we do not want any of our clients to miss. Over and above the previous 2007 and 2010 packages, with LG Networks and SharePoint 2013 you will be sure of support for more data and even an extra mile to support mobile users. At LG Networks, we do not stop at introduction of SharePoint 2013 to our clients. We assist them in settling in and getting accustomed with the system. The following readiness solutions are some of our initiatives that we offer to our clients with SharePoint 2013.


  • Data externalization
  • Code-free customization
  • SharePoint governance
  • Content consolidation
  • Inventory and analysis

Key Features of LG Networks SharePoint 2013

Machine language translation services

SharePoint 2013 offers exemplary automatic content translation services. We have factored in every issue an organization may face especially when they need to translate content into multiple languages. Cost reduction and efficiency is what our SharePoint 2013 will help you attain. Content creators and other entities incur huge translation budgets each year; this will automatically reduce the costs associated with translation services and increase profits of any enterprise. LG Networks and SharePoint 2013 will be a savior if you need to reduce such unnecessary budgets while still enhancing efficiency.

SharePoint 2013 App store

Availability of SharePoint 2013 App store is one of the features you will enjoy in our product. This is where you will get the software and join our happy clients who are enjoying our SharePoint 2013.

Superior search capability

SEARCH is one of the most loved features in SharePoint 2013. In fact, for those who are not using SharePoint, I’m certain that they have never experienced the enhanced search ability of SharePoint 2013. Our SharePoint 2013 will assist you with indexing websites, Sharepoint websites and even go an extra mile to share existing NTFS files. Unlike the earlier versions, SharePoint 2013 search ability is never disappointing, the analytic feature is integrated into the search engine totally transforming the display of results.

The integrated workflow

SharePoint 2013 is tailored to easily integrate with workflow managers. This feature will be a step ahead as it supports institutions’ endeavors to look for higher workflow manager infrastructure.

Simple Licensing

Unlike the other past SharePoint installments, LG Networks SharePoint 2013 offers friendlier licensing terms. Compared to others, the previously restricted services are now attainable at no extra cost.

Better performance

SharePoint 2013 works on a more pain free approach. Data is streamlined from those bits in the harddisk to the final application presentation. In case of changes, the static SharePoint site will be accessed from the cache. Such dramatic improvement can be a blessing when you are editing large blocks of content.

Benefits from our SharePoint 2013

Robust business intelligence

Exposing of business intelligence is one of those benefits that you will enjoy from SharePoint 2013. This capability might have been explored by SharePoint 2010, but SharePoint 2013 has expanded capabilities making it the centerpiece to delve deeper into business insights and analysis. The whole package has seen improvements due to integration with Excel.

Enhanced public web hosting

Unlike SharePoint 2007 and 2010, SharePoint 2013 has full-fledged ability to host public websites. Apart from this, SharePoint 2013 has robust features for SEO including friendly URLs, SEO settings, XML based sitemaps etc.

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