Switch to Microsoft Exchange 2013 for SMEs: Is It a Good Idea?

With the launch of the Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 we can see that more and more businesses are upgrading to this version. According to tech analyst and experts, this particular server is quite helpful for the businesses. In addition to that, businesses that need to coordinate operations in different places and deal with sensitive data or information will get a few benefits from this very specific exchange server. However, alike the advocates, there are also numerous critics who do not support switching from Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 to Exchange Server 2013 and they have a number of reasons which are equally logical.

Reasons to Make the Switch

Though there are hundreds of logics, the opponents Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 would first say that the switch to the newer version is quite expensive. This is indeed a valid point for businesses which are going through a tough time. Although there are different payment and price solutions for the businesses, the small and medium businesses might need to think twice before they take this expensive decision. In addition to that, if a business is using PCs or Tablets using windows 7 or previous versions, they don’t need upgrade to Exchange Server 2013 as those devices are not optimized for touch use. As a result of this, you might also need to upgrade your system and devices as well which will cost you more money.

Why Server 2010 Might Still Be the Fit for Your Business

The need of the business is also playing a critical decision factor for this upgrade. Most of the businesses consultants say that a business is most likely adequate if it has robust and flexible command-line tools, Role-based administration and Mobile email support. All of these things are already included in the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and they have been serving businesses for a long while. Above all that, they are also less expensive compared to the latest version of 2013. Nevertheless, many critics also point to the stability of the server product as well. Since Microsoft Exchange Server is a new product, we are not sure about its stability at the time. On the other hand, Microsoft Server 2010 has been time tested on for a couple of years and people have strong confidence on this platform. This is another reason, why businesses should also think twice before they switch to this newer version.

Nevertheless, we can’t specifically say that the SMEs shouldn’t switch to Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 and there is not benefit for them in it. Certainly, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 has better features in it and it would be a respectable option for the SMEs is they can afford it.

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